Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today In The Mail: Kobe Bryand Lifestyle

The Mind Eraser portion of this post came yesterday, I was just too lazy to post it up. The record took forever to come, even though it was a pre-order. I got the most rare color but I was just sick of waiting for it (RevHQ and online distros were selling this, I even saw a copy on Ebay). I guess its not that bad because about a week ago I found the mp3s up for download. Band is not slipping one bit. But the actual "Today In The Mail" portion is Rotting Out - This Is Just A Life 7". This is one of my favorite "new" bands. I say "new" because the A side of the record is their 2007 Demo. The B side is five other songs, not sure when they were recorded but two of them are covers. The first is "La Girl" origionaly by The Adolescents and the second is "I Love Living In The City" originally by Fear. I fucking love this record. I need to find the mp3s so I can jam more then just their five song demo in my far. For a free D/L of the demo click here. Also be on the look out for their 6131 Records debute 7" in the spring. Oh and I'm going to a show tonight with Peter, Eric and Jakob so I might post about that later.

Rotting Out - This Is Just A Life (Red) (World Won't Listen Records)
Mind Eraser - The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Orange) (Out Of 200) (Youngblood Records)
Youngblood Records Sticker

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