Friday, March 12, 2010

Today In The Mail: "You Sell A Million Records?"

Today I got a package with three copies of the same record in it. The record is End Of A Year's More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse and does not just have a Talking Heads rip off cover but they do a cover of Talking Heads song Wild Wild Life. The rarest color was to be clear but do to the plant running out of this color they had to switch it to green. I fucking love green vinyl, so I am more then siked and as soon as I read the note detailing this I quickly flipped through to find this lovely green record instead of the clear one I had thought I was getting. Now another thing that I noticed was different was the color of the black copies sleeve and as I pulled it out to take a picture I noticed that its even on different paper (much heavier paper). Weird.

Also a few weeks ago I did an email interview with Patrick the front man of End Of A Year that I should be putting into a zine soon... I might post it on here eventually too. It came out pretty well I'm excited for 5 people to read it.

End Of A Year - More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse (Green) (Out Of 100) (Hex Records)
End Of A Year - More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse (White) (Out Of 200) (Hex Records)
End Of A Year - More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse (Out Of 200) (Hex Records)

Today In The Mail: The Last Week + My Last Week

So in the last week I've been to a few shows in a few states and celebrated my 24th birthday. I saw Cro-Mags, Killing Time, Inmates, Set To Explode and Praise in Baltimore, Maryland and I saw Blacklisted, Gods And Queens, The Rival Mob, Give and Salvation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Both of these were the first times I had seen shows in these cities and both seemed to have a large local draw though I'm sure a lot of people traveled to Cro-Mags. Also Both shows were really great and well worth the money that went into the trip. Honestly seeing Blacklisted play that set would have been worth the money. I could go on and on about the shows but I'll just shorten it to this... 1st show... Cro-Mags played a set full of all the hits and a cover of Minor Threat doing a cover of Wire, Killing Time played a great mix of Old and New songs that I really enjoyed, and Inmates didn't get the reaction they deserved. 2nd show... Blacklisted ended their set with my favorite song by them and all the new songs come off amazing live, Rival Mob was real real good and Give was the other stand out at that show and I would love to see them again. I HIGHLY recommend people checking them out.

And even after all this fun mosh and traveling thousands of miles (thanks to my flights having to go to Nashville and Chicago also) some of the best times I had all week were with my girlfriend she made me a wonderful dinner of ribs and potatoes, gave me a really cool Shook Ones shirt (Descendents rip off) and took me to see a real cool exhibit of one of my favorite living artists, Chihuly. So all in all I've been having a good time records aside.

Now onto my mail, as I was gone I got 4 packages 2.5 for me and 1.5 as presents for my girlfriend. I like how it was my birthday and almost half the stuff that came in the mail was for her. I got her a Panic Shirt (that I am super jealous of) and a copy of a zine that I had also received a copy of for myself. The zine is very cool, its full of poetry and photos and information on how it can be ordered can be found here. The other two packages were records. The first package was a order from a distro that has taken over distributing these records (that had come out a few years ago). It included a copy of Over My Dead Body's Lp Sink Or Swim and Piece By Piece 7" Written In Blood both are pretty rare and the latter was one of only 3/4 that were this darker grey that is more like a green/grey. Also I ordered a record that this label put out for a band I had seen in California last year that really surprised me, Mourningside. Now I guess they are called Mourningside AD I was very happy with my order they even through in 3 free CD's. You can pick up these records and more at Hard Press Records Bigcartel. The other package was a record from a b9er that I've been trying to get (off them and in general for years). Hollywood's 4/20 cover version of their record Brave Sounds. I am pretty sure this was the record release or something along those lines for this record but either way its out of 20 and now means I'm only missing tests and I'll have a complete collection for this band.

"Half Empty" Zine
Hollywood - Brave Sounds (4/20 Cover) (Out Of 20) (Keepitcore Records)
Over My Dead Body - Sink Or Swim (Blue) (Out Of 159) (Takeover Records)
(I forgot to take pictures of the other records so this is all you get)