Monday, December 29, 2008

Today In The Mail: Holy Terror Kind Of Day 2.0 + Lie And Wait Kind Of Day

The first package I opened was chock full of Holy Terror related items (It was from Holy Terror Records). Super siked. Each record is hand stamped and very limited. The Vegas Cd is something I have slept on buying for a bit now. And the Withdrawal - Demo CDR is also very limited (I love how my collection of Withdrawal related items keeps growing). The second package I opened was the Rhythm To The Madness record left out of my Backtrack - Demo 7" package I got earlier in the month. And last (but not least) was a package with one of each of the Lie And Wait 7"s I didn't have. Still can not get why people are not more into this band.

Moutheater - Lot Lizard (Holy Terror Records Version) (Out Of 15) (Thrashed Records)
Vegas/Moutheater (Holy Terror Records Version) (Out Of 15) (Thrashed Records)
Integrity - Walpurgisnacht (Holy Terror Records Version) (White) (Out Of 15) (A389 Records)
Vegas - Never (Frequency Deleted Records)
Withdrawal - Rough Demos (Out Of 10)

Lie And Wait - Awakening (Black/White/Yellow) (Out Of 300) (Triple B Records)
Lie And Wait/Overdose (Red/Grey) (Out Of 400) (Triple B Records)
Lie And Wait/LMF (Teal) (Out Of 50) (Wormhole Records)
Rhythm To The Madness - Soul Doubt (Out Of 425) (Powered Records)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Second Collaborative Show

The last time these to bands played in columbus they were on tour together and this time they both just happened to be coming through on the same date. Perfect timing if you ask me. Both bands also have demo 7"s out (or coming out soon (Brick)). And both are the rare, good bands/good dudes. Backtrack and Brick both play straight up hardcore in the vein of other bands from their areas but with their own flair. Oh and Empire will of corse kill it. I am excited for this show for me. I'm not gonna say I expect to see people out, because most likely Columbus will just let me down like usual. But its a Friday so who knows.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One Of My Best Days

Last night was the culmination of my girlfriend and I's Christmas celebration. It started the night before when she picked me up and we had a sleep over and ended this morning when she dropped me off before I had to go to work. Yesterday was also the day I finally got my owl finished.

After that we went back to her place, I took a shower and she made chocolate cake and cupcakes. And as I got out she started making lasagna (with fake meat), and I played Razor Freestyle Scooter for the Nintendo 64. And by the time the lasagna was ready to go in the oven our deserts were ready to be decorated.

The lasagna was great, and then we started to open presents. I got a pair of Van's Eras, Radio Silence, A flannel (that did not fit me as well as I would have liked) and a stocking with toiletries (so i can have stuff there because its my "second home," (I would say its my first)). Then as the roads were too icy to drive another sleep over/cuddle fest took place.

I am so happy I have someone who I can never see enough, who keeps my head on straight and is the positive driving force in my life. Most days I feel like I am dreaming, but I guess I am just living the dream.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Today In The Mail: We All Want Everything

Today is the the day of days. I've been watching copies of this record on Ebay for over a year, and a bit over a week ago I was finally able to snatch one up. The record is perfect, the bonus track is perfect (and included on a mix I put up in my other blog). Also, the bonus track was included on the B-Sides And Rarities I posted up a few days ago. This is what all these Quicksand and Walter related posts have been gearing up for. I present Slip.

Quicksand - Slip (Polydor Records)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quicksand - Thorn In My Side: Video

This is my favorite Quicksand video, the song is from their album Manic Compression. You can also check out them playing this song live on Jon Stewart Show.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quicksand - S/T

The record is long out of press (and RevHQ is sold out of the CD), so I thought I would post this up. Quicksands first offering, and their last on a hardcore label. Oh and half of the songs only appear on this release.

Quicksand - S/T

01 - Omission
02 - Clean Slate
03 - Unfulfilled
04 - Hypno Jam With Dan


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quicksand - B-Sides And Rarities

These songs are another preview of something I coming in the mail. They are (as the title says) b-sides and rarities, so only a few are on the albums you are likely to have heard by them. Songs "All In Your Head," "Requiem," and "Hostage Calm" are stand out tracks (in my opinion).

Quicksand - B-Sides And Rarities

01 - How Soon Is Now
02 - Divorce
03 - Shovel
04 - Chelsea's Going Under 1995
05 - Instrumental
06 - All In Your Head
07 - Requiem
08 - In The End
09 - Constant Tension
10 - Hostage Calm
11 - Weed It Out
12 - Chelsea's Going Under 1998
13 - Dine Alone (Demo)
14 - Can Opener (Demo)
15 - Worlds Fastest Car (True Manic Demo Version)
16 - Knee Jerk Reaction (True Manic Demo Version)
17 - Bug Collector (True Manic Demo Version)
18 - Baphomet (Live With Vocals)
19 - Clean Slate (Live CA)
20 - How Soon Is Now (Live At CBGB)
21 - Super Genius (True Manic Demo Version)


Monday, December 15, 2008

Slip Into Quicksand

I found this pretty cool, but I love Quicksand (so that is a big duh). This is also a preview of something that is coming soon (in the mail).

Friday, December 12, 2008

Today In The Mail: More Shirts Then Records

Today I woke up to find four packages for me, went to work for three hours, had a CD player put in my moms car and came home to find another package waiting for me. The first package I opened was my Backtrack - Demo 7" pre-order pack. (Aaron and I will be doing Backtrack's second Columbus show on January 2nd, 2009 (look for a flyer for this soon)). The package was one record short though because with the pre-order I ordered a Rhythm To The Madness 7" (super bummer I was excited to hear it). Second was a package was from Canadian Holy Terrorists Withdrawl. It was two shirts (And three huge vinyl stickers) they sent me to fill the void until the long sleeve I ordered comes in (its been 2 months since I ordered it). I am super excited about these shirts though (even though one has boobs on it). Then I started opening up two small packages that were rubber banded together. They contained three cassette tapes (each of them demos) by Some Kind Of Hate, S.O.S. and Breathing Fire (I've been trying to get a copy of this tape forever). The last package was a copy of the Ray And Porcell 7" that I have never heard. And in the end this haul was so big I had to take two pictures to do it justice.

Some Kind Of Hate - Demo
S.O.S. - Demo (Lockin Out Records)
Breathing Fire - Demo (Painkiller Records)
Backtrack - Demo (Pre-Order) (Clear Orange) (Out Of 90) (Flatspot Records)
Backtrack - Demo Cover (White) (XL)

Ray And Porcell - S/T (Revelation Records)
Withdrawl - Pray As Lamb, Lamb As Prey (Black) (XL)
Withdrawal - Glory (Black) (XL)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Life That's Already Passed Me By

At around 4 AM December 15th 2007, Reid (Driver), Anthony (Co-Pilot), Tucker and I (Weighing down the back) made the six hour drive to Chicago. Our goal was this:

We made it their early so we ate at a Quiznos for breakfast, found a mall (where tucker got an Orange Julius) and Reid and Anthony were too big to ride the carousel.

Then we made our way to the venue (all of this in a semi-blizzard). Everyone else could go straight in but I had to wait for my ticket to get there. When I finally did I had missed almost all of Regret's set, bummer. Convicted played next. This was my first time seeing them but not hearing them. My dude Rob (of Reflect fame) had burned me a copy of their demo and I was almost as excited to see them as The Suicide File and The Hope Conspiracy. After these two the line-up gets a bit iffy in my memory. Ill just skip over Damnation A.D. and Turmoil I've never really been into those bands and I was busy looking at distros and catching up with friends. Blacklisted played one of the best sets I have ever seen them play, it changed my mind about this band. Bernies sound had ruined them for me for a long time. Next was The Killer, who I had never heard before played a pretty decent set. I beleive Ringworm was next and they played one of the best sets I have ever seen them play. People were losing their minds and crushing each other. Now The Suicide File and The Hope Conspiracy, both bands played amazing sets. It was a long long time ago so I don't really exact songs they played but I do remember both bands killing it.

After the show we drove for what seemed like forever (I kept dozing off so I have no idea how long we really drove), and we found a hotel to stay the night. We slept a good amount of time and then hurried into the city. I remember the drive in because It was also the first time I heard the Darvocets. Our targets in the city were all on or around the Chicago Ave. Of course records were on the list but Reid had his own goal, toys. But pizza was to be the catalyst of the day.

Then came the first record shop we hit up, it yielded a repress of the Alone In The Crowd - S/T 7" for me and a random Oi! record. Then we hit up this toy store. Its called Rotofugi and blew my mind. I had no idea anything like this was going on. Artists, independtent designers and toy companies making inventive and very design oriented toys for collectors and normies alike. And blind box toys, fuck my mind was blown. It to me was a throw back to collecting cards as a youth. You never know what you are going to get, weather its going to be some amazing and different new thing or just a double you can toss to the side and hope you can trade off one day. I only bought a few things that day, but toys ever since have become a big interest in my life. Reckless Records was our next stop, and we all found some gems here. Now mine might not seem as mind blowing to you but to me they were amazing. First was a Catch 22 - Washed Up 7" for two bucks. Then came a Bloodpact/Varsity split 12" out of 100 for 3 bucks. And on a whim I walked to the back section and I found a H2O - S/T cassette tape for one single dollar. After all this fun and walking (Reckless was about a 20 minute walk from the car). We drove tucker to the airport so he could fly to Alaska to see his family, and we made our way home. All and all it was one of the most fun trips I have had with my friends. I am very glad I finally got this disposable camera developed so I could relive these memories and get siked for Reid and I's trip to Chicago in May. Peter get siked.

It sucks that my recollection of events is a bit off but its been a week short of a year (And 11 months since I promised to make this post). Maybe some day I'll make a post about the stop we made on the way and were Tucker got a handjob from at a truck stop Asian massage parlor. Ha.

Today In The Mail: Yesterday In The Mail Vol. 1

Well I wasn't home yesterday to open this package so it basically came today. I was waiting for what seemed like ages for this to come up for pre-order, and it came pretty quickly once it was. This tape has exclusive tracks from Hollywood, Moutheater, Feed and The Effort (and a few other bands I have no heard of). Also a few tracks of Thrashed Records related bands such as Lone Wolf, Die Young, Lie And Wait, The Recluse, Kintaro and Hostage Calm. If you have a tape player I suggest buying this, or at least checking these bands out. Oh and to check out mp3s from a few of these band's and some other great bands check out the Thrashed Records Winter Sampler 2008.

Thrashed! Records Mixtape Vol. 1 (Red) (Out Of 50) (Thrashed Records)
Thrashed! Records Mixtape Vol. 1 (White) (Out Of 150) (Thrashed Records)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today In My Stomach: Yummies

Today was a long LONG long day at work, that started far too early. My lunch was as usual greasy unhealthy crap. So I wanted to eat something a bit better for dinner. The choice was easy, its been a bit since I gorged myself on humus and I still love it. And the coke was a no brainier. A great meal to eat alone as my parents went out to eat for their anniversary (40 years). So I'll just sit here and eat this and enjoy watching The Wedding Singer on Comedy Central. Oh and this won't be an all the time thing, but how good does that look. Fuck I really wish I had more pitas.

Athenos - Roasted Red Pepper Humus
Mini Pitas From Whole Foods
Classic Coke

Today In The Mail: Eight And A Half Feet Of Hardcore

Today two packages came, one was very heavy (from Six Feet Under Records) and the other very light (A389 Records). 8 days ago I made an order on Six Feet Under Record's Black Friday Sale. I have been thinking about making a big order from there for a while now and the deals just sucked me in. I am most excited about picking up the Think I Care - Mongrel 10" (I am pretty sure Six Feet Under is the only place that has copies of this left). I am also very excited to finally hear a new Pressure Point record. Now to the smaller package, last year I saw Pulling Teeth and a band from the UK called Frightener. This band blew me away but I was flat broke at the time so I couldn't pick up a shirt or a record. I ordered this with Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin CD and Witches Sabbath 7" and it got left out, but today it came and added some extra heavy to my record collection.


Pressure Point - Resist And Riot (Green And White) (Out Of 103) (Six Feet Under Records)
Dead Nation - Passing Phase (Blue) (Out Of 98) (Six Feet Under Records)
Frightener - Guillotine (Screen Printed Cover) (Black Skies Across America 2007) (A389 Records)
Think I Care - Mongrel (Red) (Out Of 500) (Walk All Night Records)
Dead Stop - S/T (Third Press) (Red) (Out Of 300) (Six Feet Under Records)
Trash Talk - Walking Disease (Clear With Purple Splatter) (Out Of 1028) (Six Feet Under Records)
Bitter End - Climate Of Fear (Brown) (Out Of 520) (Six Feet Under Records)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Today In The Mail: WTF No Records

Today I got an envelope in the mail with a random assortment (or a grab bag if you will) of stuff I saw the last time I was looking at RevHQ. I've been needing something to read and I have been wanting to pick up a copy of Jeff Lasich's Start Today Hardcore Fanzine so I picked up the two issues they had in stock. Also I got a tape of the bass play from Chain Of Strengths band Statue, I have never heard this band but it was a buck so you can't go wrong there. The End Of A Year poster was a big duh, I didn't have it so I needed it.

End Of A Year - Sincerely (11"x17")
Start Today - Hardcore Fanzine #5
Start Today - Hardcore Fanzine #6
Statue - Filter The Infection (Revelation Records)