Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today In The Mail: Eight And A Half Feet Of Hardcore

Today two packages came, one was very heavy (from Six Feet Under Records) and the other very light (A389 Records). 8 days ago I made an order on Six Feet Under Record's Black Friday Sale. I have been thinking about making a big order from there for a while now and the deals just sucked me in. I am most excited about picking up the Think I Care - Mongrel 10" (I am pretty sure Six Feet Under is the only place that has copies of this left). I am also very excited to finally hear a new Pressure Point record. Now to the smaller package, last year I saw Pulling Teeth and a band from the UK called Frightener. This band blew me away but I was flat broke at the time so I couldn't pick up a shirt or a record. I ordered this with Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin CD and Witches Sabbath 7" and it got left out, but today it came and added some extra heavy to my record collection.


Pressure Point - Resist And Riot (Green And White) (Out Of 103) (Six Feet Under Records)
Dead Nation - Passing Phase (Blue) (Out Of 98) (Six Feet Under Records)
Frightener - Guillotine (Screen Printed Cover) (Black Skies Across America 2007) (A389 Records)
Think I Care - Mongrel (Red) (Out Of 500) (Walk All Night Records)
Dead Stop - S/T (Third Press) (Red) (Out Of 300) (Six Feet Under Records)
Trash Talk - Walking Disease (Clear With Purple Splatter) (Out Of 1028) (Six Feet Under Records)
Bitter End - Climate Of Fear (Brown) (Out Of 520) (Six Feet Under Records)

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