Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One Of My Best Days

Last night was the culmination of my girlfriend and I's Christmas celebration. It started the night before when she picked me up and we had a sleep over and ended this morning when she dropped me off before I had to go to work. Yesterday was also the day I finally got my owl finished.

After that we went back to her place, I took a shower and she made chocolate cake and cupcakes. And as I got out she started making lasagna (with fake meat), and I played Razor Freestyle Scooter for the Nintendo 64. And by the time the lasagna was ready to go in the oven our deserts were ready to be decorated.

The lasagna was great, and then we started to open presents. I got a pair of Van's Eras, Radio Silence, A flannel (that did not fit me as well as I would have liked) and a stocking with toiletries (so i can have stuff there because its my "second home," (I would say its my first)). Then as the roads were too icy to drive another sleep over/cuddle fest took place.

I am so happy I have someone who I can never see enough, who keeps my head on straight and is the positive driving force in my life. Most days I feel like I am dreaming, but I guess I am just living the dream.

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Julian said...

Good to see things are going good.