Monday, December 29, 2008

Today In The Mail: Holy Terror Kind Of Day 2.0 + Lie And Wait Kind Of Day

The first package I opened was chock full of Holy Terror related items (It was from Holy Terror Records). Super siked. Each record is hand stamped and very limited. The Vegas Cd is something I have slept on buying for a bit now. And the Withdrawal - Demo CDR is also very limited (I love how my collection of Withdrawal related items keeps growing). The second package I opened was the Rhythm To The Madness record left out of my Backtrack - Demo 7" package I got earlier in the month. And last (but not least) was a package with one of each of the Lie And Wait 7"s I didn't have. Still can not get why people are not more into this band.

Moutheater - Lot Lizard (Holy Terror Records Version) (Out Of 15) (Thrashed Records)
Vegas/Moutheater (Holy Terror Records Version) (Out Of 15) (Thrashed Records)
Integrity - Walpurgisnacht (Holy Terror Records Version) (White) (Out Of 15) (A389 Records)
Vegas - Never (Frequency Deleted Records)
Withdrawal - Rough Demos (Out Of 10)

Lie And Wait - Awakening (Black/White/Yellow) (Out Of 300) (Triple B Records)
Lie And Wait/Overdose (Red/Grey) (Out Of 400) (Triple B Records)
Lie And Wait/LMF (Teal) (Out Of 50) (Wormhole Records)
Rhythm To The Madness - Soul Doubt (Out Of 425) (Powered Records)

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