Friday, January 2, 2009

Today In The Mail: God Is Dead Already

Today I came home from a bit of shopping (where I bought myself a very nice Vans watch), to find two packages waiting for me. The first was from Organized Crime Records this could only mean one thing, the new Harms Way record has shipped. The record is heavy as fuck and I know its lame to say but its brutal (that will probably be the only time i use this seriously to describe something so enjoy that). The second package was the Year One - Demo 7" and Baseball Tee. Band is really good (if you are into Lifetime or Descendents you should be into this band). Seafoam Records (their label) seems to be doing some pretty cool things so keep you eye on them also.

Harms Way - Reality Approaches (Red) (Out Of 100) (Organized Crime Records)
Year One - Demo (Clear) (Pre-Order Version) (Out Of 50) (Seafoam Records)
Year One - Demo (Out Of 200) (Seafoam Records)
Year One - Pre-Order (White With Blue Sleeves) (XL)

Also pictured are my new ChristmasVans and the box with my new Vans watch in it.

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Julian said...

I ordered the Harm's Way LP and their 7"s.