Monday, January 26, 2009

Today In The Mail: The Lights Begin At The Burn Of Day

Today when I woke up four packages had already come for me. The first package was one I have been waiting on since October. Its the Adult Crash photo book with covers 7". The record was what held this package back for so long but it was well worth the wait. The pictures are cool to see because they are great but not done by a dude who calls himself a photographer even. Sometimes to me the flashy (not a pun) and glitzy side to band photography throws me off and annoys me. That could be part of the excitement I feel as I flip through this book. It reminds me of zines. It reminds me of the types of photos I take, where some can turn out great but more are just captured moments in their purest forms. No light tests and no photoshop affects. Photos aside (I know its a photo book) the writes ups are just as diverse by the bands being covered. I mean reading through you can find quips and real heartfelt write ups by the likes of Paul Bearer, John Joseph and Tim McMahon. If you have an extra 12 bucks lying around buy this. Support Six Feet Under Records.

The next package I opened was 3 records that were old Deathwish Inc restocks that I had to grab up and one fresh from the pressing plant. They were the Killing The Dream - I Rewrote It 7", Terror/Ringworm Split 7" and the Horror Show - Holiday 7" (that is not photoed because it is only for a trade). And the other record that was so fresh was the Internal Affairs - Evil Egyptians 7" (this order was held back a week because it was a pre-order for this record). This record is a 7" version of the Internal Affairs X Dalek 12" that came out Fall of last year and sold out very quickly. So I'm sure this record was pressed so that others could get copies and so they could have something cool to sell on their last tour (that is going on now).

The third package was a soft one so I knew it held no records for me. Its the Withdrawl - Tarot Longsleeve I have been waiting on for ages now. I guess they are working on a 7" and should also have a crew neck up soon with a design by Stephen Kasner (you may know him as the guy who did most of the darkest Integrity's artwork for records and shirts). Super siked on both those. Stop sleeping on this band.

The last package was three records I got off Ebay the other day. One is my second and far more rare copy of The Promise - My True Love 7". The other two are versions of the Terror/The Promise/Plan Of Attack - Live Split. The first copy of this record I bought was way back in 2003 in Cleveland at Hess Fest 2003 (Bane, Terror, Throwdown, The Promise, Suicide File, and Others). Me and my main man Eric each bought a copy from The Promise (and I picked up a longsleeve that randomly disappeared that I would kill to have another of). That night as The Promise drove down to Alabama for Furnace Fest their van burned with all their copies record that they had not sold the day before (not many) or the ones that Organized Crime Records had held on to (not many I'm sure). Over the years I got Eric's copy, the mailorder version on purple marble and the normal press on gold. One of the two I got today was this on green, Its the Plan Of Attack Version Out Of 100. The other was another of The Promise's copies but this one is a much more green blue then any I have ever seen. On further inspection of my other two copies I realized I they are a good representation of the color variations of this incredibly rare version of this record. The proof is in the pics.

The pictures kind of jump around but I'm sure you guys are smart enough to figure it all out.

Adult Crash - Photographs By Dave Brown (Six Feet Under/Vicious Circle Records)
Adult Crash (White) (Out Of 150) (Down To Nothing, Cloak/Dagger, Kill Your Idols, The Slumlords) (Six Feet Under Records)

Internal Affairs - Evil Egyptians (Coke Blue W/ Multi Splatter) (Out Of 409) (Deathwish Inc Records)

Terror/Ringworm (Clear) (Out Of 1500) (Deathwish Inc Records)
Killing The Dream - I Rewrote It (Gold) (Out Of 1300) (Deathwish Inc Records
The Promise - My True Love (Grey) (Out Of 384) (Deathwish Inc Records)

Withdrawal - Tarot (Red) (XXL)

The top two are the ones I got today, the left one is The Promise version as you can tell it is a transition version between the Green (of the right Plan Of Attack version) and the bottom two are the ones I have had for a while. You can see that the right one is another yet version of this as it is much darker. The green one is numbered out of 100, as are the others but as you read above who knows how many actually exist.

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