Monday, January 14, 2008


On Wednesday 01/09/08 Columbus, Ohio's own 80's hardcore throwback (think Dag Nasty/Rights Of Spring) played at the LOD (Legion Of Doom) with Screaming Females (who to me are very boring and played far too long of a set). I stood upstairs until Reflect played because I'm that guy I guess that came to see the one hardcore band playing a house punk show (or maybe sometimes I just have good musical taste). Its been quite a while since I've seen Reflect live, and their singer Rob has only become a better front man. With his head not centimeters from the ceiling of the basement he jumps and throw himself all over the stage. I've not seen many better bands play at the LOD especially local bands and it boggles my mind why a label hasn't picked these dudes up. Im sure a lot are looking for bands that can tour out and Reflect dudes can't do too much of that (some people have real jobs, who'da thunk it), but other then that, the band is on point. I can see this late 80's sound on the comeback. And with bands like Right Idea And Reflect hailing from Ohio maybe we can get some of the limelight again.

A few pictures from that show.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Let Down

Last saturday (01/05/08) Jakob, Anthony, Alex and I drove up to Cleveland (The Tower) to see Let Down, Braindead, Right Idea, Mad Minds and two bands Lukas was booking at the trap house but had jumped on the Tower show, Shut It Down and Fare Thee Well (these two bands opened). I didn't pay much attention to Shut it down until they covered Brand New, and then after that they didn't jump out at me as anything that spectacular. I missed Fare Thee Well as Jakob and I went down the road a bit to get something to drink. Braindead played next they were pretty good and afterwards when I went to buy a 7" they had left (Kinda sucked, reminded me of Desperate Measures ala 2004 at Play Fast Or Die). After that Right Idea Played, they blew me away. I really think this band is gonna get huge. After that Mad Minds played they were really good also, Judge cover people going crazy. Lastly Letdown played, they were pretty good I didn't watch the whole set because I was in the other room holding the door as fireworks were thrown into the room where the bands were playing. Fireworks were going off pretty much the whole show. But not until later were mortars and other bigger fireworks going off. In some ways I think people went a little too far but no one got hurt (more than little boo boos) so all and all it was fun. I might have missed a few bands that played, it was kinda like band after band in the middle.

I took a few pictures at the show most did not come out because all the smoke. One came out amazing though (that is Alex in the front there).

Afterwards we all met up at a Denny's in Medina. Of the people with us sixteen of eighteen were straight edge. I found this to be rather funny. We had a lot of fun, I ate yummy food and before we left this picture was taken of us all together (the guy in the light blue and the lady jumped in because they played a big part in our food fun that night).

Harms Way

Harms Way is a straight hardcore band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. As of right now they have put out a Demo and a 7" EP titled Imprisoned on Organized Crime/Tooth Decay Records. They have played in Columbus once before at the Legion Of Doom but this time it was a lot easier to go off for them and enjoy the show. Not to say you have to mosh or go crazy when a band plays but when a band like this plays I'm surprised anyone can stand still. I wish I could have had a video camera at this show, people were going bonkers.

Raw Sewage and One Foot In The Grave didnt play the show. Juice Tyme was awesome. If you get a chance check them out.

Pictures from Harms Way At the first show at the Trap House (AKA Chris-Tucker's garage). These pictures were taken with a disposable camera (shit is raw, son) on 01/02/08.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Boundless Light Of A New Day Dawning

This is the first post in my blog. My name is Nathan. I am not sure what I am gonna end up doing with this blog but I will start off by posting a few pictures from the past few days. Ill post again later with more pictures, some from a trip I took to Chicago with some friends a few weeks ago and the others from Let Down at The Tower (in Cleveland, America) Saturday night (1/5/08).

Myself on the phone. I was in fact cradling my Hatebreed LP.

This is the month of December plus 5 days of January (waiting on some things in the mail).