Monday, December 28, 2009

Today In The Mail: Repress Day

Today I awoke to a package from Revhq, in contained to records. Both represses and both containing some of the best hardcore songs ever written. The First I pulled out was the Unbroken - Crushed On You 7" on New Age Records, and in a way this is a double. This happens a lot when you get as many records as I do. Luckily this is not a true double since this is a repress and on another label then my first version, but since I am not trying to collect all the versions of this record I wouldn't have bought more then one. One weird thing about this record is its title, on Revhq and on the labels website it is listed as being called "Crushed On You" (also the name of one of the members of Unbroken's new band, who I love). The original version of the record is called "Circa '77" on ThreeOneG, and both versions of record say this on the front. Either way Unbroken is amazing and this record is amazing (Absentee Debate is one of my fave hardcore songs of all time). The other record I ordered was the main goal of the order, it as of right now is already sold out again on from Revhq and Deathwish Inc has yet to put them up for order so I don't know how rare this record is. It has some packaging differences (Deathwish Inc on the back instead of Malfunction and is not a gatefold like the first two presses had) but is still a great score. I've been debating getting one off ebay but they have been going for around $50 for almost a year (all versions) and Its hard for me to spend that much on a record.

The Hope Conspiracy - Death Knows Your Name (White/Gold Mix) (Deathwish Inc Records)
Unbroken - Crushed On You (Circa '77) (New Age Records)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Today In The Mail: Christmas Came Early 2.0

As this is the day before Christmas I didn't think any packages would find their way to my door (or at least any for me). When I came back from breakfast with my mom, Sister and her husband I found a wonderful package waiting inside for me. It was from Dom (from A389 Records, Pulling Teeth and formerly of Day Of Mourning). I had won these off him on ebay last week and he had them out to me in record time. I was surprised at the low amount both of these went for, only a bit over $20 each. This I'm sure had to do with the Ringworm and Integrity Tests he was also selling. Either way I am super excited to have these records. The Day Of Mourning - Your Future's End LP came with a printed out version of the original cover of the CD (one of the many reason I wanted this because I have never seen it bigger then a thumbnail). And included with it was a Day Of Mourning sticker. The Gluttons - S/T 7" has a pretty cool Venom Rip-Off cover. If you have not heard either of these bands the normal version (and even a few rare colors) are still available from A389 Records so pick em up.

Day Of Mourning - Your Future's End (Test Press) (A389 Records)
Gluttons - S/T (Test Press) (Out Of 10) (A389 Records)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Today In The Mail: Forever And A Day Later

This was ordered in August of 2008, and it was well worth the wait. Rot In Hell is a hardcore band from the United Kingdom. So many details, so many things screened and so many cool extras. And all of this was well worth the 50 bucks I spent on it to have such a rare batch of records. They only did 35 of these and sure it took them ages to put it all together. So many pieces. FUCK. I thought today would never come. When I ordered this it was only to have a copy of each of their records (at the time three). But a shirt/patch/button combo made it. What I ended up with blows my mind. I'll just list off all the items in the box (and post some pictures) because I fucked up and undid the rope before taking a picture of it all together (check here for what I'm sure is a better treatment for this beautiful boxset).

I'll start with a list.

4 Records
1 Shirt
1 Patch
1 Button
1 7"x7" Print (black on black version)
1 CD with the Black Omega 7" on it
1 Zine/Lyric booklet
1 spay painted stenciled poster
all in a pretty cool spray paint stenciled box

One of the first.

Patch/Button and the other side of the stenciled poster. (Also stenciled duh).

Spay painted stenciled poster.

Front of the zine/lyric book.

Back of the zine/lyric book.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today In The Mail: Yesterday In The Mail Vol. 3

After a hellish day in the mail a few days ago I got two packages in the mail. First Dom/A389 Records hooked me up with another set of the records that had been destroyed by the united states postal service. I would like to start by saying how great every part of The Promise repress looks. From the cover (gatefold) to the insert insert and of corse the vinyl they all look beautiful. Its one of the best represses I have ever seen. The Gluttons 7" which was the other pre-order looks great and sounds even better. This band is another one of Human Furnace's sideprojects (he is the singer of Ringworm to any of you newbz) and as it says on A389's site it sounds like a cross between Discharge and Motorhead (though I hear a lot more Motorhead). This record fucking jamz. Included in this was a Pre-order package only repress of the Ringworm - Demo 7". I picked up the original press (that included Bloodbook zine issue number 4) from Phonographic Arts at few months back. This also looks great and includes the lyrics that I can say if I remember the original including.

Ringworm - 1991 Demo (Out Of 300) (A389 Records)
Gluttons - S/T (A389 Records)
Ringworm - The Promise (Gold/Red) (Out Of 300) (A389 Records)

The second package a record that was slated for release sometime last year I believe and the label that had pressed it ended up folding (dude ran off with everyone's money but still bothered to press it). It's a copy of Memorial's - The Creative Process/Berlin. I am super happy about finally being able to hear this and I the label Photobooth Records bought up the copies and sold them through their webstore (some are still available so get a copy for yourself). The package included the handwritten lyrics to July by Mineral on the back of a registration card to a college and a coupon for a select Ocean Spray product.

Memorial - The Creative Process/Berlin (White) (Out Of 300) (Photobooth Records)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Today In The Mail: Broken Records

I don't have much to say about this, other then it sucks. When I picked up the package I knew its contents would be destroyed. Ringworm's The Promise is one of the greatest hardcore records of all time. I've already emailed the picture to Dom (Who runs A389 Records) and he has said he is gonna send another my way. The Gluttons 7" was also bent to all hell. Fuck.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Today In Pictures

Today was pretty fun. I went some places got some things but mainly I just chilled out. I might start doing this a lot actually.

Thrift store find.

Random find at Half Price Books.

Punisher Skull shirt where the logo is made out of Punisher Skulls. HARD.

Corbans new teeth.

Mango italian ice.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today In The Mail: Hold On To Your Friends

Today came a pre-order that I had been waiting on for a bit now. Two records, great records. Foundation is a Straight Edge hardcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. Over the past year and a half I have seen them play three times, and they have only been getting better. This new record shows a lot of growth for them musically and lyrically. Pegasus is a band featuring members of Cold World, Mind Eraser and Rzl Dzl. They have a very very different sound, the comparisons to Eddie Suttons (Leeway) vocals is a very on point. "Melodic singing over metallic hardcore" perfect description. Really wish it would have come with a digital download like the foundation record did.

Foundation - Hang Your Head (Brown With Black Splatter) (Six Feet Under Records)
Pegasus - S/T (Out Of 200) (Six Feet Under Records)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get Down - S/T 7" Inches

Its been a long time since I updated my blog. The reason for this was mainly because this is the 100th post and I was waiting for something good to come up. Also I'm lazy and have been out of town for shows a lot lately.

Get Down was a band that featured members of great hardcore acts such as American Nightmare, In My Eyes and Panic. Their first 7" came out on Painkiller Records in October of 2003. Their second 7" was to come out in 2006 on Mosh Camp. Now as far as I can tell this record was pressed and covers and someone is just sitting on most of the copies somewhere. Now I have deduced this from some people having this listed on their howsyouredge lists and a whole lot of people saying they have never recieved it. What sucks is the record is very good. Not the kinda record that should rot in someones closet. The first 7" is long out of print so I've uploaded them both. Get into this band.

Get Down - S/T 7"

Get Down - Second 7"

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Burning Fight/Chicago Trip

Last October rumors were flying, then in November tickets went on sale and finally earlier this month it finally happened. I got to see one of my favorite bands, a band who I never thought I would get to see. Unbroken. I got to see a lot of friends from all over and I got to hang out with two of my favorite people from Columbus (Lukas and Scotty) and got some much needed chill time with (one of my best dudes and sleeping bloger) Peter. I got to see a lot of bands, meet a lot of new people, eat amazing vegan food (and non-vegan taco bell ha) and of course by lots of records (and shirts). I get kind of emotional thinking about it (I know real lame right), but this was important, this was life changing and this is what hardcore really is all about. Emotion, caring and standing for something. I can't say I wont take somethings for granted but It made me appreciate things a lot more. Sorry about this being a short post. Maybe I'm just being lazy or maybe I had too much fun but this whole weekend was a blur. Also if I went into detail about the over 20 bands that played this post would be monstrous and boring. But hey... Here are some pictures from the weekend so enjoy.

This really reminds me of Token Entry.

This is where Peter and I stayed. An Art Gallery, how punk is that!

Scotty showing off his water.

Peter aka OG Vegan Straight Edge Ebay Warrior.

OH and second to seeing Unbroken the most important thing about this weekend was it was also the first time I had Falafel.

My First Car

Yeah I know a long fucking time coming but fuck it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

5/20/09 - The Effort and Take Control

Straight Edge is still alive and so is hardcore in Columbus.

*Flyer art by my boy Corban.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today In The Mail: The Past Three Days (Attack Of The Pre-Orders)

So I've been a decently busy person the past few days. Hanging out with my girlfriend and trying to the see the most of some of my friends before they move away (shit sucks bro). And of at a time like this its only obvious my mail box would start filling up with packages. Three days ago the first two came flying in. The first I opened was the "Youth Crew 2009" compilation featuring Ohio's own Right Idea (among others like True Colors, Mindset and Fired Up +more). Great compilation, I'm pretty sure its a repress of a European compilation from last year called "Youth Crew 08" but with a Right Idea song thrown on and a Times Together song taken off. Weird but cool. Also my Record is on Gold out of 100 and mine has some black in it (super rare transition version ha). Oh and they tossed in a copy of the labels first release, a split between Lighten Up and Big Ups. Both bands are pretty good so I'm siked. The Second Package was also Youth Crew related, The First Step - What We Know Sessions. This record makes me bummed I missed that last little tour they did, I only got to see them once (Posi Numbers 2004) and they were great. Hand numbered out of 100, pretty sure this cover is the Pre-Order only one. Love the design.

Youth Crew 2009 (Gold) (Out Of 100) (Upside Down Records)
The First Step - What We Know Sessions (Pre-Order Cover) (Out Of 100) (Bottled Up Records)
Lighten Up/Big Ups (Blue) (Upside Down Records)

Yesterday my Capitol Pre-Order came. On this record they have two new songs and a cover of a Dag Nasty song. The other records that came in this package are random grab ups one being Irony of Lightfoot (a band featuring members of Sons Of Abraham) and the other a split between Neglect and Cleanser. So basically I was just catching up on Long Island Hardcore past and present.

Capitol - Blind Faith (Pink) (Out Of 100) (Iron Pier Records)
Irony Of Lightfoot - IBEX (Wreck-Age Records)
Neglect/Cleanser (Exit Records)

And today my long awaited Anchors Aweigh order came. This contained the second press of Dead Swans - Southern Blue and a Gold Kids shirt. This came all the way from Italy (very quickly when it said it was shipped). I am most likely going to make another order from them soon since I know they can be trusted unlike another Dead Swans related label.

Gold Kids - Grave (Out Of 40) (Purple) (XL)
Dead Swans - Southern Blue (Half Black And Half White Splatter) (Out Of 200) (Anchors Aweigh Records)
Dead Swans - Southern Blue (Green Purple Haze) (Out Of 300) (Anchors Aweigh Records)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Today In The Mail: Last Week

Being in Chicago this weekend for Burning Fight made this post come a little late. But another post (or posts) will come from it. I left Friday morning so I missed a package from Deathwish Inc Records that came Friday afternoon and on Saturday a package came from Bridge Nine Records. The Deathwish package contained the first End Of A Year offering on Deathwish Inc Records (all versions of course) and an End Of A Year shirt. The other package was my Bridge Nine Mystery Box. In the comments section of the order you were to list your three favorite Bridge Nine bands, I said American Nightmare, Mental And No Warning. In my Mystery Box was two No Warning patches, No Warning Sticker, Bridge Nine Sticker, Bridge Nine Singles Collection Volume 1 CD and the gem in the box was a screened poster. The poster was for a show at CBGB's (Rip) the bands playing were Reach The Sky, Mouthpiece, Bane and American Nightmare.

End Of A Year - S/T (White) (Deathwish Inc Records)
End Of A Year - S/T (Clear With White) (Deathwish Inc Records)
End Of A Year - S/T (Clear With Black) (Deathwish Inc Records)
End Of A Year - S/T Pre-Order Shirt (Black) (XL)

Print from my Bridge Nine Mystery Box

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life, Love, No Regrets

Two shows booked, flyers coming soon. One more in the process. Oh and I started a new tattoo yesterday.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today In The Mail: Yesterday In The Mail Vol. 2

After work yesterday I found the new Pulling Teeth LP "Paranoid Delusions|Paradise Illusions" waiting for me on my bed. I knew this was going to look good, but not this good. This has to be one of the neatest looking records I have in my collection. The art to begin with is amazing but the holographic cover takes this version to another level. If you get the chance to pick up this record, Do it. This band with every release jumps leaps and bounds.

A close up of the record.

Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions|Paradise Illusions (Paranoid Delusions Version) (Hologram Cover) (Out Of 333) (A389 Records)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Justice Replaced By Revenge

Last night I went to see Ruiner, Ringworm and Agnostic Front. It was the best time I have seen Ruiner play so far (This was my fifth time seeing them). Ringworm fucking killed it and the only shirt I got at the show was for them (See below). And Agnostic Front played a great set, even though security was being very lame. They opened up with The Eliminator and and I felt like I was at Posi Numbers 2004 again... Its shows like last night that remind me how much I love hardcore.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Today In The Mail: All Hail The Kingpin

The other day I picked up all three of the Leeway full lengths on tape for $8.25 (with shipping). Born To Expire is one of my favorite hardcore records of all time. And Desperate Measures and Adult Crash are very very underrated records in their own right.

Leeway - Born To Expire (Profile Records)
Leeway - Desperate Measures (Profile Records)
Leeway - Adult Crash (Futurist Records)

(Those are Cassette Tapes not bootleg DVDs ha.)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today In The Mail: Holy Terror Kind Of Day 3.0

Two packages came today the first was my Compact Disc version of the new Pulling Teeth album Paranoid Delusions|Paradise Illusions came. As I was one of the first 300 people to order it I got a copy of the newest edition to the Witches Sabbath 7" series. Of this series I am only missing the first one (that was also put out by Deathwish Inc). The second package was from Hellfish Family and is another Integrity shirt, I think this makes four ha. Can not wait to wear it.

Integrity - Free Charlie (Brown) (XL)
Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions|Paradise Illusions (Deathwish Inc Records) (CD)
Pulling Teeth - Witches Sabbath V (Out Of 300) (Deathwish Inc Records)

Monday, March 23, 2009

More Pictures From The New York/Vermont Trip

Can't wait for next month to go upstate again (twice).

One Justice

Hopefully The Back Of A One Justice Shirt With Lyrics Around It Ha

Born To Expire

Born To Expire Again

Pat And Paul

Chris And I

Pictures From Cleveland 10/12/08

Just a few pictures from Have Heart, Ceremony, Blacklisted, Let Down And Convicted show from last year. Mad Minds also played, band rules. I just got the camera developed ha.


Mad Minds

Mad Minds with Spyder jumping on everyone


Today In The Mail: You Cost What You're Worth

Today I woke up to at almost 2:00 PM somehow. My plan was to update my blog twice in a row and then spend the rest of the day with my Girlfriend (looking for a cat and taking a cute walk). But a third blog has popped into the equation. When I woke up I saw this package waiting for me and my Mom handed me an envelope. Inside of it was a check for $56.99 from a class action lawsuit against the Airbourne Corporation. Awesome because I have so many trips coming up (three to New York, two to Cleveland, one to Chicago) in the next two months. The package is one I've been waiting on for almost two months, my Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence (Double LP) and a long out of print Painkiller Records release for a band called Wound Up (Ex Punch In The Face and Unit Pride). Today rules.

Wound Up - S/T (Painkiller Records)
Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence (Roadrunner Records)

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Of Many Trips This Year

The New York/Vermont trip was great fun, and a great bonding (and friendship building) excursion. This trip was Paul, Ben And I (And the Vermont portion had the added bonus of Mike and Nick). Both the trip their and the trip home were long and late. We came up Auburn, New York for one show and ended up getting to go to three shows. The Show we came up for was to benefit show for my dudes dude (who I got to meet in Vermont).

Here is the flyer (Unit 731 canceled, and Knuckle Dragger jumped on).

Some solid Edgemen put us up for our New York three night stay. They would be Chris, Nick And Sean. One of them (Sean) had a collection of all the Animorphs Books.

On Friday we went to Syracuse and saw two shows. The first show was Knuckle Dragger And Born To Expire (Both bands are great check them out). It had the added surprise of Undergang. Band is weird but I'm into this kinda shit so I was siked to be able to catch some of their set. Then we hustled over to a small bar and I got to see Unholy. This band is fucking awesome, can not wait to see them with Earth Crisis in May. The next day after A trip to a huge mall in Syracuse, was the show and the reason I came on this trip (other then to just get out of Ohio). One Justice opened up the show and were great. They played one of their songs and the rest of the set were Sacred Pledge songs. This was mostly done as an homage to the singer of Sacred Pledge (who the benefit was for). Knuckle Dragger were great again. Backtrack played another amazing set (Best dudes, Best band). Their weekend tour mates Incendiary also were great. Better live then recorded I think. Born To Expire blew me away, I hope this band gets big. The last band that played were called Path To Misery, they are from Pittsburgh. Not my cup of tea but I can see why people were into it. After the show we drove straight to Vermont. This portion of the trip was a lot of chillaxin and watching movies. I did eat two Little Caesars pizza's in ten hours. That was cool. On the drive home I actually started using my camera ha...

So here are some pictures from that.

On the way home we stopped at...

Mike did a lot of these two things on the trip...

Ben, Paul And I

This is how Paul sleeps...

And this is a picture of the sky ha...

I will have more pictures from it as soon as I can get my disposable camera developed (and other pictures).

PS. Though it was a really fun trip, it was hard being away from my girlfriend for so long. Hopefully we will be able to get a trip going of our own this summer and take lots of cute pics on it.