Sunday, May 31, 2009

Burning Fight/Chicago Trip

Last October rumors were flying, then in November tickets went on sale and finally earlier this month it finally happened. I got to see one of my favorite bands, a band who I never thought I would get to see. Unbroken. I got to see a lot of friends from all over and I got to hang out with two of my favorite people from Columbus (Lukas and Scotty) and got some much needed chill time with (one of my best dudes and sleeping bloger) Peter. I got to see a lot of bands, meet a lot of new people, eat amazing vegan food (and non-vegan taco bell ha) and of course by lots of records (and shirts). I get kind of emotional thinking about it (I know real lame right), but this was important, this was life changing and this is what hardcore really is all about. Emotion, caring and standing for something. I can't say I wont take somethings for granted but It made me appreciate things a lot more. Sorry about this being a short post. Maybe I'm just being lazy or maybe I had too much fun but this whole weekend was a blur. Also if I went into detail about the over 20 bands that played this post would be monstrous and boring. But hey... Here are some pictures from the weekend so enjoy.

This really reminds me of Token Entry.

This is where Peter and I stayed. An Art Gallery, how punk is that!

Scotty showing off his water.

Peter aka OG Vegan Straight Edge Ebay Warrior.

OH and second to seeing Unbroken the most important thing about this weekend was it was also the first time I had Falafel.

My First Car

Yeah I know a long fucking time coming but fuck it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

5/20/09 - The Effort and Take Control

Straight Edge is still alive and so is hardcore in Columbus.

*Flyer art by my boy Corban.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today In The Mail: The Past Three Days (Attack Of The Pre-Orders)

So I've been a decently busy person the past few days. Hanging out with my girlfriend and trying to the see the most of some of my friends before they move away (shit sucks bro). And of at a time like this its only obvious my mail box would start filling up with packages. Three days ago the first two came flying in. The first I opened was the "Youth Crew 2009" compilation featuring Ohio's own Right Idea (among others like True Colors, Mindset and Fired Up +more). Great compilation, I'm pretty sure its a repress of a European compilation from last year called "Youth Crew 08" but with a Right Idea song thrown on and a Times Together song taken off. Weird but cool. Also my Record is on Gold out of 100 and mine has some black in it (super rare transition version ha). Oh and they tossed in a copy of the labels first release, a split between Lighten Up and Big Ups. Both bands are pretty good so I'm siked. The Second Package was also Youth Crew related, The First Step - What We Know Sessions. This record makes me bummed I missed that last little tour they did, I only got to see them once (Posi Numbers 2004) and they were great. Hand numbered out of 100, pretty sure this cover is the Pre-Order only one. Love the design.

Youth Crew 2009 (Gold) (Out Of 100) (Upside Down Records)
The First Step - What We Know Sessions (Pre-Order Cover) (Out Of 100) (Bottled Up Records)
Lighten Up/Big Ups (Blue) (Upside Down Records)

Yesterday my Capitol Pre-Order came. On this record they have two new songs and a cover of a Dag Nasty song. The other records that came in this package are random grab ups one being Irony of Lightfoot (a band featuring members of Sons Of Abraham) and the other a split between Neglect and Cleanser. So basically I was just catching up on Long Island Hardcore past and present.

Capitol - Blind Faith (Pink) (Out Of 100) (Iron Pier Records)
Irony Of Lightfoot - IBEX (Wreck-Age Records)
Neglect/Cleanser (Exit Records)

And today my long awaited Anchors Aweigh order came. This contained the second press of Dead Swans - Southern Blue and a Gold Kids shirt. This came all the way from Italy (very quickly when it said it was shipped). I am most likely going to make another order from them soon since I know they can be trusted unlike another Dead Swans related label.

Gold Kids - Grave (Out Of 40) (Purple) (XL)
Dead Swans - Southern Blue (Half Black And Half White Splatter) (Out Of 200) (Anchors Aweigh Records)
Dead Swans - Southern Blue (Green Purple Haze) (Out Of 300) (Anchors Aweigh Records)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Today In The Mail: Last Week

Being in Chicago this weekend for Burning Fight made this post come a little late. But another post (or posts) will come from it. I left Friday morning so I missed a package from Deathwish Inc Records that came Friday afternoon and on Saturday a package came from Bridge Nine Records. The Deathwish package contained the first End Of A Year offering on Deathwish Inc Records (all versions of course) and an End Of A Year shirt. The other package was my Bridge Nine Mystery Box. In the comments section of the order you were to list your three favorite Bridge Nine bands, I said American Nightmare, Mental And No Warning. In my Mystery Box was two No Warning patches, No Warning Sticker, Bridge Nine Sticker, Bridge Nine Singles Collection Volume 1 CD and the gem in the box was a screened poster. The poster was for a show at CBGB's (Rip) the bands playing were Reach The Sky, Mouthpiece, Bane and American Nightmare.

End Of A Year - S/T (White) (Deathwish Inc Records)
End Of A Year - S/T (Clear With White) (Deathwish Inc Records)
End Of A Year - S/T (Clear With Black) (Deathwish Inc Records)
End Of A Year - S/T Pre-Order Shirt (Black) (XL)

Print from my Bridge Nine Mystery Box