Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Head2wall Records are proud to announce Illustrations

We are beyond excited to welcome the newest member of the Head2Wall Records family: ILLUSTRATIONS. This San Antonio-based dark, metallic hardcore band is creating some of the most interesting heavy music out right now, and we couldn't be more proud to be a part of it. In anticipation of their second LP, the follow-up to last year's masterpiece IN VAIN, we will be releasing a series of three 7" flexi singles. The first installment, IRON RAIN, is coming this October, and will feature a second brand-new track, exclusive to the download included with the flexi. Stay tuned for more details. If you have not been paying attention to this band, it's time to start.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Best Of 2014

Oops I've had this done since a few days before the end of the year but I forgot to post it. My bad. A lot of shits been going on. Most bad. But a bit good. 2014 was a big LP year. So many great LPs came out that I left a few off that I'm sure some people have as their number ones. As usual I'm all over the place with the music I like so If you like one band you might not like the next. I added some honorable mentions for the LP category for that very reason. Too much good stuff.

Top 10 LPS

1. Raspberry bulbs - Privacy
2. Spine - Time Has Gone
3. Moutheater - Passing Key
4. Homewrecker - Circle Of Death
5. Shellac - Dude Incredible
6. Goodtime Boys - Rain
7. Battle Ruins - S/T
8. The Flex - Wild Stabs In The Dark
9. Self Defense Family - Try Me
10. Dark Blue - Pure Reality

Honorable mentions for this category would be Midnight, Ringworm, Boston Strangler and Aviator.

Top 10 EPS

1. No Sir, I Won't - This World Is Fucking Shit
2. True Love - New Young Gods
3. Six Bells - S/T
4. Self Defense Family - Duets
5. Civilized - Dust And Blood
6. Vegas - Sagevisules
7. Razor Heads - S/T
8. Keepsake - Wanders
9 .Vanishing Life - People Running
10. Moral Mazes - Magic Tommy Jackson

Top 10 Splits/Compilations

1. Self Defense Family/Meredith Hunter
2. Retox/Narrows
3. Full Of Hell/Pyswarfare
4. Nothing/Whirr
5. Blood Lust Compilation (Civilized, Culture Shock, Need, Suburbanite And Cadaver Dog)
6. Benchpress/Martyrs Tongue
7. Joie De Vivre/Prawn
8. Full Of Hell/Merzbow
9. Integrity/Vegas
10. The Saddest Landscape/Frameworks

Top 8 Demos

1. Last Crusade
2. Acid Rain
3. No Hands
4. Western Medication
5. Red Death
6. xtrmst
7. PMS 84
8. Shranal

*only 8 demos because those are only ones I really dug.

Top 10 Shows

1. Anti Nowhere League @ Punk Rock Bowling (05/24)
2. United Nations/Silver Snakes/Caraveles @ The Dive Bar (11/12)
3. Self Defense Family/Goodtime Boys/Take Care (Acoustic) @ Hardhat Lounge (11/11)
4. The Flex/Violent Reaction @ Hellpop (04/30)
5. The Adicts @ The Hard Rock Cafe (11/02)
6. Life After Death/No End In Sight/Mental Prison/Acid Rain @ Eastside Joes (05/09)
7. Illustrations/Unfair Fight/Keepsake @ The Artistic Armory (07/13)
8. Fury/Barge/Zoom/Value/Acid Rain @ Tipsy Coffee House (08/16)
9. Judge/H20 @ Las Vegas Country Saloon (05/24)
10. The Hold Steady @ Vinyl (08/02)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Recently in the mail: 12/03/14

I've gotten hundreds of records since I last updated this blog with mail days. But here are a few recent scores.

Hate Fuck Issue 15 (Out Of 75) (By Give Up)

True Love - New Young Gods (Mint) (Out Of 150) (React Records)

Blood Lust Compilation (3x Cassettes) (Out Of 100) (Blackout Rage Records)
Civilized - Dust and Blood (Test Press) (Out Of 33) (Youth Attack Records)
Civilized - Dust and Blood (Second Press) (White) (Out Of 400) (Youth Attack Records)

And Throw Me To The Wind

For the second time, on another side of the country I had the pleasure of booking my favorite band, Self Defense Family (the first time they were still called End Of A Year). I won't go into the details of how this show got fucked and how I ended up doing it but it did well and I'm happy about it. Very happy about it. Below is tbe flyer and a live shot. Before that I want to take a moment to talk about Goodtime Boys. The only band who's song on a split with SDF/EOAY I liked more than the flipside. They might have been some of the nicest and most sincere people I've ever met. They killed it when they played too. I'm glad I got a chance to book them also and I really hope I get to see them again and maybe someday go over to England again and hang out with them there. Cool dudes, backed hard.

A cool picture of Self Defense Family playing from the show.

I got my head tattooed

Clearly I'm a huge Quickand fan for naming my internet persona and also my record label after one of their songs. And it took me a while to figure out how to take it to another level. And that was getting traditional versions of the divers from the cover of slip tattooed on my head.

The cover...

My head...

Crashing Waves

I had fun at work during Halloween

Ian Mackaye and Johnny Marr

The Return Of... Version 239

There will be a best of 2013 list. I'm about to make a few more posts today. Maybe I'll keep it up. Maybe I won't.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Of 2013

I feel like the "Best of 2011" list was a lot easier to write. I've been working on this thing off and on for a couple of weeks and ended up checking out shit so good that it bumped stuff off the lists (Sorry Down To Nothing). I've linked a lot of these to make it as easy as I could for you to check 'em out. And be sure to check back as I have a few more posts coming up in the next few weeks.


1. Seizures - The Sanity Universal
2. Hayden - Us Alone
3. Incendiary - Cost Of Living
4. Ruined Families - Blank Language
5. Illustrations - In Vain
6. Drug Church - Paul Walker
7. Empire Of Rats - S/T
8. Criminal Damage - Call Of Death
9. Hoax - S/T
10. Dreamdecay - N V N V N V


1. Glass Lungs - How To Deal With Feeling Alone
2. Self Defense Family - The Corrections Officer In Me
3. Nobody, Ever - This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates
4. In Between - Still
5. World Collapse - Frost/Casket
6. Vulgar Display - Under Darkness & Prayer
7. Hammer And The Nails - Rome Is burning
8. Bloody Knees - S/T
9. Twin Steps - Plague Songs
10. Blind To Faith - Under The Heptagram


1. Self Defense Family/Goodtime Boys
2. Martyr's Tongue/Benchpress
3. Self Defense Family/Axis
4. Withdrawal/Young And In The Way
5. Martyr's Tongue/Ablaze/Avalanche
6. Feral King/Lonely Ghost Parade
7. Old Wounds/Trenchfoot
8. Death Threat/Rude Awakening
9. Old Flings/The Fake Boys
10. Ancient Shores/Cynarae


1. True Love
2. Wolfnote
3. Hired Goons
4. Fade
5. Burden
6. Assault USA
7. XRepentanceX
8. Lies
9. Semper Eadem
10. Heavy Chains


1. Cold Existence/KDC/Keepsake/Mental Prison @ Eastside Joes (Las Vegas, NV) (11/16)
2. Narrows/Lies @ Vacation Vinyl (Los Angeles, CA) (11/2)
3. Hoax/Gods America/Nests/Value @ Kramer's House (Las Vegas, NV) (9/1)
4. Illustrations/Value/In Fugue @ Shaman Thunderdome (Las Vegas, NV) (12/21)
5. Twin Steps @ Artifice (Las Vegas, NV) (8/15)
6. Alkaline Trio/Bayside @ Fremont Country Club (Las Vegas, NV) (4/27)
7. Fucked Up/Tony Molina/Gods America @ Backstage Bars & Billiards (Las Vegas, NV) (10/16)
8. Street Dogs/Old Firm Casuals/Death March/Bricktop @ Las Vegas Country Salon (Las Vegas, NV) (8/7)
9. Black Antler/Nemesis @ Kobo (Columbus, OH) (3/13)
10. The Casualties/Negative Approach/MDC @ Las Vegas Country Salon (Las Vegas, NV) (11/8)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Best Of 2011

Pointless, out of date but with a little foreshadowing. This list was put together over a few cold Zanesville nights two years ago. I'm only really posting it because my Best of 2013 list will rear its head soon. After both are posted you will see a few bands go between the two. And even a few that either became Head2wall Records bands or people from those bands started new bands that did so (or will have records coming out next year). I'm not sure why I didn't put these in actual order, maybe I just couldn't do it at that point. Its easier to put things in order when you know where to start. 2013 seems to have been an easier year with that for me. Also I had yet to go to either of the American Nightmare reunion shows and rather than trying to figure out what to take off I would rather just post this list as it was.


Adele - 21
Backtrack - Darker Half
Cold Cave - The Great Pan Is Dead
Fireworks - Gospel
Foundation - When The Smoke Clears
Full Of Hell - Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home
Omegas - Blasts Of Lunacy
Pala - We Don’t Exist
Ringworm - Scars
Scapegoat - S/T


Another Mistake - Lies For Lust
Damages - Unlucky Love In Lonesome Twenty-Something Hell
End Of A Year (Self Defense Family) - Island Series Volume 1
FocusedxMinds - Stay Focused
Moutheater - Colonial
No Tolerance - No Remorse, No Tolerance
Sacred Love - Dividing Lines
Sixes - Morning
Triceratops - Beeple Beeple Whomple
Twin Steps - Serial Parade


End of a Year (Self Defense Family)/Fires
Full Of Hell/Goldust
Kill Life/33
Rot In Hell/Horders
The Saddest Landscape/We Were Skeletons
Written Off/Out Crowd


Dead Weight
Drug Church
Empire Of Rats
Life After Death
New Brigade

Live Bands

All Else Failed @ This Is Hardcore
Foundation @ This Is Hardcore Pre-Show
Life After Death @ Summer Of Hate
Ringworm @ This Is Hardcore
Make Do And Mend @ Strip Club
Noose @ The White House
The Ropes @ The White House
Sacred Love @ The White House
Triceratops @ The 15th House
We Were Skeletons @ The Legion Of Doom

Things that should have been

Empire - 7"
Eternal Sleep - Demo
Hard - Demo
Life After Death - Full Length
Light Years - 7"
Mind Crimes - 7"
Ryan Gosling's Joystick - Anything
Rancid - Eighth Studio LP

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I saw Fucked Up last night (In Review)

I would like to start by describing the venue itself. After asking around it was verified by several people that BBB (Backstage Bars and Billiards) is owned (or partly) by DJ Lethal. My curiosity was spiked by all the House Of Pain plaques and gold records along the walls. Now this place was dark, small (not too small) and open. Just as more venues should be. The stage was about a foot and a half off the floor and it had a decent amount of room in front of the stage before the obligatory support poles start breaking up the room. And as far as sound goes the place had some of the best I've heard at any show space.

The opening band God's America (of A389 Records fame) played as a two piece as their drummer couldn't make it. That being said as heavy and aggressive as the band normally is none of this was lost with the band only being a drum and bass act. They played a short but sweet set. I've seen them three times since I moved out here to Vegas (Oh yeah I moved across the country) and this was my favorite time seeing them.

The next act up was Tony Molina (who I couldn't remember the name of for the life of and kept calling Bob Dobalina). From the first song I knew what I was in for. Super short songs in the vein of Weezer. Think of them as a grind band thats only musical reference point was Weezer. I feel like no song was over a minute and a half. Some felt like they couldn't have been over forty five seconds. It was great. One drawback was the singer was chewing gum the whole time (or has a tick that makes him look so) not my thing. I've always had a problem with this even with my "too cool for school" rock acts. All and all I loved them though and would go see again for sure.

Now for Fucked Up (or "FU" as the marquee read). They started out blasting through several songs before any of his famous stories began. His stage presence is a little different than I remember also he had shrunk down about a hundred pounds. But since I only see this band every five years I shouldn't be surprised over changes like these. He seemed happier, more giggly. Often posing as if he was a child Christmas morning or pulling his basketball shorts well over his belly button and dancing around. Later into the set he admitted he was intoxicated and to "medical marijuana" for his weight loss transformation. A few times during the set he left the stage. To dance, to hug, to interact with the crowd. They ate this up it seemed like the crowd couldn't take their eyes off the man. He mesmerized, he enchanted and I would honestly say embodied what I love about the band. They are who they are. They play hardcore music to crowds sometimes only a quarter full of anyone still with in a "scene", to anyone who knows who No Warning is or has ever read a zine in their life. And it doesn't feel fake or forced just raw. On my favorite parts was him telling a story about the first time Fucked Up played Las Vegas. It was at Punk Rock Bowling and after their set he was invited to party with Fat Mike (Of NOFX) where he got to watch him receive a rim job. Another was when they played a "new one" entitled "Year of the Dragon" hopefully you are familiar with their other zodiac epics ("Year of the Pig", "Dog" "Rat" ect.). I would have to say this is my favorite Fucked Up song yet. It seemed to go on forever but I wasn't bored for a second. Not many bands sets should be as long and could keep my attention like this track did, its a "banger".

Its been a long time coming

The return of.

Its blogtime bitch.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Interview with Patrick Kindlon from End Of A Year

A long time ago (Febuary, 23rd 2010) I asked Patrick Kindlon who is the singer of End Of A Year a few questions. I was going to use this for a zine, but obviously that never worked out and I was looking through old emails and found this. Enjoy. Oh and if spread it around if you know anyone what would be into it.

HEAD2WALL - First of all, what kind of band would you call End of a Year? I was introduced to you guys as being a "Revolution Summer" band, and I see that, but I always thought of End of a Year as an unconventional (non-boring) hardcore band.

PATRICK KINDLON - That's always how I've seen us as well. Within the band, we don't talk about what sort of band we are very often. We grew up playing in hardcore bands and I think we always just presume, on some level, that's what we're doing. But then we'll play with some awful diarrhea-breath unoriginal hardcore band and we'll say "We're not this. I don't know what we are, but we're not this." So I guess I'm as confused as the listeners on this question. Maybe we're a hard indie band? But then we'll play with indie bands and feel no connection to them either.

H2W - I've heard you talk about your songs during your sets, and you often mention lust and greed as central themes. Would you say that these are a common fixation in your life? Do you feel that they're covered enough in hardcore and punk?

PK - The only theme in my life. My dad never touched my dick and I don't enter a pit of depression when a woman leaves me, so what else is there? Politics? I don't understand the appeal. So when I'm singing, I'm typically talking about things that are active in my mind all the time, and that's mostly a weird compulsion to have more than I've been told I can have.

H2W - End of a Year has a new LP coming out this year. What topics will we find you covering on the new record? And I know you have a lot of other stuff up your sleeve... What can you divulge?

PK - It's a bunch of smug assholes celebrating how much we love ourselves. 100% that's what it is. The name of the record is YOU ARE BENEATH ME and I think people can infer something from the title. I tried singing on the record and it was an abject failure, so that will have to wait until next record. I still sound like a tuneless asshole. The band sounds good though.

H2W - Would you rather play with hardcore bands, pop punk bands, indie bands, ska bands, or other types? At what shows do you think you have had the best reaction?

PK - We like playing with anyone who plays tight and serious. No one in the band aside from me is into heavy stuff aside from me, but when we play with Reign Supreme we're all on the side of the stage. That's because they are tight and serious. Same with Cruel Hand. Goofy dudes off-stage, but when they play they play serious. When we get offers for tours, the only question the band has is "can they play?" Hard to say where we get the best reaction. I'll try a ska show. At this point, I'm willing to play anything. I think we're on show 220 or some nonsense, the vast majority of those shows being hardcore shows, so any variety is fine with me. Ska city, here we come.

H2W - hat kind of interaction would you like to have with the crowd? What do you think they will take home with them after seeing End of a Year?

PK - Ideally there would be a bunch of beautiful women in the front row trying to rip my clothes off and throwing their motel room keys at me. But as things are, I would be content with people watching and taking it into their heads and liking it or disliking it.

H2W - How long have you been going to shows, and have you been in any bands prior to End of a Year?

PK - I think I went to my first show sophomore year of high school, so I guess that would make me 15 at the time? I have no memory for that sort of thing. Kids want to talk to me about shows from years ago and I can only give a vague "they were good" or "that band sucked." I have memory problems. I was in a hardcore band in high school that sounded like apes playing Pantera and I borrowed all lyrical inspiration from 108. I've been in other bands while I've been in End of a Year and some of those have been more popular locally. Kids from hicktowns south of Albany come up to me and tell me the mosh band I was in with lyrics about burning down venues full of people was the "best fuckin' shit ever" man. Weird life.

H2W - How long have you been straight edge, and what does it mean to you?

PK - Since I was 16, I think. I can get all heavy about it, but I think it's best explained like this: My thoughts are jumbled and I'm not the smartest guy. But I want things. So putting shit in my way to make life more confusing seems like a jackass thing to do. People typically describe me as
"happy" and I think being straight edge is part of that.

H2W - Could you tell me some things you like about yourself, and some that you hate?

PK - I like that I don't remember bad things. Some people carry shit around with them their whole lives. I'm grateful I don't wrestle with memories. I'm not sure I hate anything about myself, but I wish my brain was more efficient. I don't understand even basic math.

H2W - What would you say is the best show you have ever seen?

PK - I saw Lungfish in Brooklyn and it really knocked my socks off. My first or second show was Warzone and that probably started this whole thing for me, so that's big. And I always reference the time I saw Sick of It All. I think it shaped me to a large degree.

H2W - Do you have any go-to hardcore records? On the other end of the spectrum, what would you say is a guilty pleasure band that you find yourself only listening to when you are in the mood for that artist?

PK - Out of Step by Minor Threat; Destroy the Machines by Earth Crisis; Constructive Semantics by Endeavor. Those are probably the three I tend to fall back to every few weeks. On the "why the fuck do I listen to this?" end of things, twice a year I'll listen to late-period Orange 9mm.

H2W - And finally what is your idea of Misery?

PK - I don't know exactly. I work hard at turning miserable shit into constructive shit as quickly as possible. The thing that scares me the most is having a kid and working a straight job.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feed the children

Still working like a madman, still booking shows and over extending like normal. The Head2wall print release will most likely never happen, I'm way too distracted by other things. But Head2wall Records is in full swing, well as much as it can be with me working so much. Forget It will have an eight song tape out sometime in the near future, A new signing and demo tape out for that band in the next month, A tape compilation and hopefully our second 7" release by the end of the year (a spoken word 7" for the singer of End Of A Year). Here are some pictures to feed your eyes I guess...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tonight is the night

The first Head2wall Records release come out tonight!!!! I couldn't be more excited. And the Forget It tape should be coming in the next two weeks. I am going to start uploading a ton of Columbus/Ohio/Good demos, here is one to start you guys off.

I am going to try to get scans of the covers to most of the other ones I will be uploading but figured this one couldn't wait. Keep the faith.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Head2wall Records News 1.0

The Triceratops 7" was picked up today and was sent off for screen printing on the b-side. It will be back and available for their April 23rd reunion show in Athens Ohio. The show is a pre-show for Forward Ohio Fest that will also take place in Athens Ohio on May 21st. The record is limited to 100 with almost no chance of repress. Also this will most likely be your last chance to see the original Triceratops line up, so don't miss out.

The Forget It Demo tape repress order was also placed today and should be in by the end of the month. It is also limited to 100.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ringworm Flyer

Myself and the amazing Scott Niemet booked this show. People came and bands slayed. Mind Crimes is from Zanesville, where I live now.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It has been a long time coming

I've been working like mad, booked a bunch of shows (A few good and some total flops) and just all around have been lazy as hell. Well thats all over a lot of big things coming soon from the Head2wall camp. A big show. A second much larger pressing of the Forget It Demo (Head2wall Records 0.5) Head2wall Records first vinyl release. And the first Head2wall print release. GET SIKED!

And to not leave you out of the loop here is what I have been doing/seeing in my world since my last post.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today In The Mail: A389 Forever

The other day I got a pretty decent sized package from A389 Records. I pretty much order every record this label puts out. I'm sorta playing catch up though on a few of the older ones (I'm going to have start hunting on ebay for the really early releases I missed). This order though brought me the last piece of my Gluttons collection (for now), 3 Gehenna records (including one split), a 7" for a band called The Love Below (outkast reference?) and the first press of the Integrity - To Die For 10" I had missed with a special bonus inside. I thought the order its self was going to be the special part for me but when I opened it up I noticed my 10" had a 7" slid inside. I was so excited because I had been broke when the pre-order went up and when I finally did get money I had missed the last few copies by an hour or so. Luckily some were put up the A389 webstore a few hours before the next set of pre-orders went up.

Gehenna - Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris (Self Released)
Gehenna/California Love (Red) (Out Of 250) (A389 Records)
Gehenna - Hope Guzzo Bootleg (Marble) (Out Of 250) (A389 Records)

Gluttons - S/T (Clear) (Out Of 150) (A389 Records)
The Love Below - Reproductive Rights (Pink) (Out Of 250) (A389 Records)

Integrity - March Of The Damned (A389 Records)
Integrity - To Die For (First Press) (Blue) (Out Of 500) (A389 Records)

Also in the past few days I got a copy of Bridge Nine's repress of Underdogs - S/T 7". Its a GREAT fucking repress only a few minor changes that were either to fix things wrong with the original press or to put the b9 logo on their (but they still left the new beginning logo in the insert!!!)

Underdog - S/T (Red) (Bridge Nine Records)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The return of?

For some reason I do not update this blog enough, I've also let the mix blog fall to the wayside... though it was hard to keep up with from the beginning. And at this point I'm spreading myself very thin, from trying to start school, to working 40 hours a week, going to every show I can (and that means traveling for most of them), writing, organizing my many collections and trying to gather things together for two zines. But I promise to update more and in the next few weeks I should have some random pictures to post and hopefully logs of found objects I've collected.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Today In The Mail: FIRST EOAY TEST!!!!

Today when I came home from work/hanging out with my girlfriend I found a wonderful package waiting for me!!! It is my first End Of A Year test press, it is for the More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse on Hex Records. Strangly enough that is who I won it from on ebay haha. Also included in this package was the Hex Records - Ten Years Of Putting Out Records zine with a cool comp CD. Today RULED!!! And hopefully this is just the first of many.

End Of A Year - More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse (Test Press) (Out Of 15) (Hex Records)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Today In The Mail: "You Sell A Million Records?"

Today I got a package with three copies of the same record in it. The record is End Of A Year's More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse and does not just have a Talking Heads rip off cover but they do a cover of Talking Heads song Wild Wild Life. The rarest color was to be clear but do to the plant running out of this color they had to switch it to green. I fucking love green vinyl, so I am more then siked and as soon as I read the note detailing this I quickly flipped through to find this lovely green record instead of the clear one I had thought I was getting. Now another thing that I noticed was different was the color of the black copies sleeve and as I pulled it out to take a picture I noticed that its even on different paper (much heavier paper). Weird.

Also a few weeks ago I did an email interview with Patrick the front man of End Of A Year that I should be putting into a zine soon... I might post it on here eventually too. It came out pretty well I'm excited for 5 people to read it.

End Of A Year - More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse (Green) (Out Of 100) (Hex Records)
End Of A Year - More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse (White) (Out Of 200) (Hex Records)
End Of A Year - More Songs About Transportation and Intercourse (Out Of 200) (Hex Records)

Today In The Mail: The Last Week + My Last Week

So in the last week I've been to a few shows in a few states and celebrated my 24th birthday. I saw Cro-Mags, Killing Time, Inmates, Set To Explode and Praise in Baltimore, Maryland and I saw Blacklisted, Gods And Queens, The Rival Mob, Give and Salvation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Both of these were the first times I had seen shows in these cities and both seemed to have a large local draw though I'm sure a lot of people traveled to Cro-Mags. Also Both shows were really great and well worth the money that went into the trip. Honestly seeing Blacklisted play that set would have been worth the money. I could go on and on about the shows but I'll just shorten it to this... 1st show... Cro-Mags played a set full of all the hits and a cover of Minor Threat doing a cover of Wire, Killing Time played a great mix of Old and New songs that I really enjoyed, and Inmates didn't get the reaction they deserved. 2nd show... Blacklisted ended their set with my favorite song by them and all the new songs come off amazing live, Rival Mob was real real good and Give was the other stand out at that show and I would love to see them again. I HIGHLY recommend people checking them out.

And even after all this fun mosh and traveling thousands of miles (thanks to my flights having to go to Nashville and Chicago also) some of the best times I had all week were with my girlfriend she made me a wonderful dinner of ribs and potatoes, gave me a really cool Shook Ones shirt (Descendents rip off) and took me to see a real cool exhibit of one of my favorite living artists, Chihuly. So all in all I've been having a good time records aside.

Now onto my mail, as I was gone I got 4 packages 2.5 for me and 1.5 as presents for my girlfriend. I like how it was my birthday and almost half the stuff that came in the mail was for her. I got her a Panic Shirt (that I am super jealous of) and a copy of a zine that I had also received a copy of for myself. The zine is very cool, its full of poetry and photos and information on how it can be ordered can be found here. The other two packages were records. The first package was a order from a distro that has taken over distributing these records (that had come out a few years ago). It included a copy of Over My Dead Body's Lp Sink Or Swim and Piece By Piece 7" Written In Blood both are pretty rare and the latter was one of only 3/4 that were this darker grey that is more like a green/grey. Also I ordered a record that this label put out for a band I had seen in California last year that really surprised me, Mourningside. Now I guess they are called Mourningside AD I was very happy with my order they even through in 3 free CD's. You can pick up these records and more at Hard Press Records Bigcartel. The other package was a record from a b9er that I've been trying to get (off them and in general for years). Hollywood's 4/20 cover version of their record Brave Sounds. I am pretty sure this was the record release or something along those lines for this record but either way its out of 20 and now means I'm only missing tests and I'll have a complete collection for this band.

"Half Empty" Zine
Hollywood - Brave Sounds (4/20 Cover) (Out Of 20) (Keepitcore Records)
Over My Dead Body - Sink Or Swim (Blue) (Out Of 159) (Takeover Records)
(I forgot to take pictures of the other records so this is all you get)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today In The Mail: A Reason To Smile

About a week ago I was doing my rounds of ebay looking up bands I have been enjoying as of late, surprising enough I listen to music other then Blacklisted. When I looked up Fury Of Five two records came up and one happened to be a buy it now for 12 bucks it was even listed as 90's rock. The seller clearly had no idea what they had. I felt my heart skip a beat as I quickly clicked the buy it now button and felt like the luckiest man on the Earth.

Fury Of Five - No Reason To Smile (Green) (Out Of 200) (Gain Ground Records)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Today In The Mail: Panic Day?

Today I got three packages in the mail today. Two held Panic items and one held a bands demo who had perked my intrest by saying they sounded like Panic on b9. The shirt was from Ebay, the two Panic 7"s (and the other 7" were from a b9er) and the tape was from said band, Overlooked. I am now only missing the Back To School Jam cover for the Panic - S/T 7" and tests for both.

Overlooked - 2009 Demo
Panic - S/T (White) (Out Of 200) (Bridge Nine Records)
Panic - Dying For It (Blue/Yellow) (Out Of 400) (Bridge Nine Records)
Empty Promise - S/T (Self Released)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Today In The Mail: With All The Stones I Throw

Today the other half of my Blacklisted - Eccentrichine order came from Six Feet Under Records, this was the record half. I've already listened to this 7" quite a few times through and I couldn't imagine a better complement to the new LP (No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me). The record has two new songs and two that are from other records, these rerecordings are A full band version of P.I.G. from No One Deserves This More Then Me and an acoustic version of Wish from Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God. I really like the reversal on these songs, seeing as they both appear the opposite ways on their respective albums. Now onto the two new songs, Stones Throw is a great build up to start the record out. I am very into the duel vocals on this song, and on the new record I really think her voice goes very well with his. The other new song is the title track to the record, its a bit faster song with real repetitive feel to it but again its great. I never feel like they take it too far and I think a lot of people think Blacklisted has become some sort of copy of other bands, I personally think they have just grown into the band they have always been progressing into. Oh and this blog is mostly about what the shit looks like and what ones I got so I guess I should talk about that... the records themselves are all really awesome looking. I think the colors they chose really complement the art of the record perfectly. As you can see in the first picture I got another record today, It is the New Found Glory / Dashboard Confessional split 7" I was very excited for finally hear this the other day after waiting forever and having twitter confirmation forever ago that New Found Glory was to cover one of my favorite Dashboard Confessional songs, Saints And Sailors. The other cover they did, Swiss Army Romance is pretty good also. The only thing that surprised me were the Dashboard songs, they were rather slow I hadn't realized they sounded like that now. Either way I am really glad I got a copy and didn't have to pay 17.00 bucks with shipping. Ha.

Blacklisted - Eccentrichine (Dark Red) (Out Of 606) (Six Feet Under Records)
Blacklisted - Eccentrichine (Beer With Red Splatter) (Out Of 305) (Six Feet Under Records)
New Found Glory/Dashboard Confessional (Pink) (Out Of 500) (Epitaph Records)

A. Side and...

B. Side of..

Blacklisted - Eccentrichine (Cream/Green With Red Splatter) (Out Of 103) (Six Feet Under Records)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today In The Mail: Added Bliss

From the first time I heard the New Blacklisted album (No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me on Deathwish Inc) I knew it was going to become one of my favorite records of last year. I was never that big on Blacklisted before this record, I liked them and dug a few songs a lot but never to this level. And I guess its one of those things, something makes you look at the whole collection under a different light. I find myself semi-obsessed with this band. Listening to the new album somewhere around 100 times since I first heard it in mid December. And the rest of the discography quite a bit. They have been my top artists for almost every week since mid December, achieving as high as 500+ plays in one week alone. Now me having no job, and nothing really to do I am sure is helping this but its something strange to think I can not get bored of this record even listening to it 20+ times in a row (as I have on more then one day). I guess I am just stuck on this record. The day it went up for order I wasn't too sure how it would be so I slacked on ordering it so I guess Ive payed the price (but not too bad I would think). Now onto todays package, I picked up this record (on the second rarest color) for only 26 bucks off ebay. Now I just have to find the other three versions, to satisfy my lust.

Blacklisted - No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me (Orange And Green Mix) (Out Of 319) (Deathwish Inc Records)

The other package that came today was a Print, I've realized a lot as of late how much I like prints. I only have a few and would be very into getting more. This print that was designed and printed by Screenin 4 A Change and goes with an EP called Eccentrichine on Six Feet Under Records that goes along with the Blacklisted record I had come in the mail today. Perfect timing I guess, but timing off since as I said it goes with the EP and it didn't come today. I've been waiting for a month to hear these songs. And not so much as being impatient to have the records but really wanting to hear the songs. 2 of them are from the same sessions as the LP, one is a full band version of a song already on the LP (The P.I.G.(The Problem Is G.)) and lastly an acoustic version of Wish from their last LP, Heavier Than Heaven Lonelier Than God. We can only hope tomorrow brings this to me.

Blacklisted - Eccentrichine (Print) (Out Of 103)