Monday, March 23, 2009

More Pictures From The New York/Vermont Trip

Can't wait for next month to go upstate again (twice).

One Justice

Hopefully The Back Of A One Justice Shirt With Lyrics Around It Ha

Born To Expire

Born To Expire Again

Pat And Paul

Chris And I

Pictures From Cleveland 10/12/08

Just a few pictures from Have Heart, Ceremony, Blacklisted, Let Down And Convicted show from last year. Mad Minds also played, band rules. I just got the camera developed ha.


Mad Minds

Mad Minds with Spyder jumping on everyone


Today In The Mail: You Cost What You're Worth

Today I woke up to at almost 2:00 PM somehow. My plan was to update my blog twice in a row and then spend the rest of the day with my Girlfriend (looking for a cat and taking a cute walk). But a third blog has popped into the equation. When I woke up I saw this package waiting for me and my Mom handed me an envelope. Inside of it was a check for $56.99 from a class action lawsuit against the Airbourne Corporation. Awesome because I have so many trips coming up (three to New York, two to Cleveland, one to Chicago) in the next two months. The package is one I've been waiting on for almost two months, my Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence (Double LP) and a long out of print Painkiller Records release for a band called Wound Up (Ex Punch In The Face and Unit Pride). Today rules.

Wound Up - S/T (Painkiller Records)
Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence (Roadrunner Records)

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Of Many Trips This Year

The New York/Vermont trip was great fun, and a great bonding (and friendship building) excursion. This trip was Paul, Ben And I (And the Vermont portion had the added bonus of Mike and Nick). Both the trip their and the trip home were long and late. We came up Auburn, New York for one show and ended up getting to go to three shows. The Show we came up for was to benefit show for my dudes dude (who I got to meet in Vermont).

Here is the flyer (Unit 731 canceled, and Knuckle Dragger jumped on).

Some solid Edgemen put us up for our New York three night stay. They would be Chris, Nick And Sean. One of them (Sean) had a collection of all the Animorphs Books.

On Friday we went to Syracuse and saw two shows. The first show was Knuckle Dragger And Born To Expire (Both bands are great check them out). It had the added surprise of Undergang. Band is weird but I'm into this kinda shit so I was siked to be able to catch some of their set. Then we hustled over to a small bar and I got to see Unholy. This band is fucking awesome, can not wait to see them with Earth Crisis in May. The next day after A trip to a huge mall in Syracuse, was the show and the reason I came on this trip (other then to just get out of Ohio). One Justice opened up the show and were great. They played one of their songs and the rest of the set were Sacred Pledge songs. This was mostly done as an homage to the singer of Sacred Pledge (who the benefit was for). Knuckle Dragger were great again. Backtrack played another amazing set (Best dudes, Best band). Their weekend tour mates Incendiary also were great. Better live then recorded I think. Born To Expire blew me away, I hope this band gets big. The last band that played were called Path To Misery, they are from Pittsburgh. Not my cup of tea but I can see why people were into it. After the show we drove straight to Vermont. This portion of the trip was a lot of chillaxin and watching movies. I did eat two Little Caesars pizza's in ten hours. That was cool. On the drive home I actually started using my camera ha...

So here are some pictures from that.

On the way home we stopped at...

Mike did a lot of these two things on the trip...

Ben, Paul And I

This is how Paul sleeps...

And this is a picture of the sky ha...

I will have more pictures from it as soon as I can get my disposable camera developed (and other pictures).

PS. Though it was a really fun trip, it was hard being away from my girlfriend for so long. Hopefully we will be able to get a trip going of our own this summer and take lots of cute pics on it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today In The Mail: It Felt Like It Would Never Come

Today my Roses Never Fade 7"/T-Shirt bundle finally came, FUCK. So happy to have it, but sadly I can't throw it on till I get back. Yes get back, today I leave on a 5 day trip to New York and Vermont. This will lead to fun updates when I get back I'm sure. Also today came Victory Style One (Cassette), Integrity - Cat Skull (Banner), And Perspective Fanzine (With Compilation CD). Today rules.

Roses Never Fade - The Man They Wanted To Hang (Out Of 100) (Rock Vegas Records)
Roses Never Fade - The Man They Wanted To Hang (Black) (XL)
Perspective Fanzine #1
Victory Style (Cassette)

Not pictured
Integrity - Cat Skull (Banner) (4' x 4') (Out Of 500)

See you guys on the other side.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am 23

This is the beginning of the best year of my life.