Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life, Love, No Regrets

Two shows booked, flyers coming soon. One more in the process. Oh and I started a new tattoo yesterday.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today In The Mail: Yesterday In The Mail Vol. 2

After work yesterday I found the new Pulling Teeth LP "Paranoid Delusions|Paradise Illusions" waiting for me on my bed. I knew this was going to look good, but not this good. This has to be one of the neatest looking records I have in my collection. The art to begin with is amazing but the holographic cover takes this version to another level. If you get the chance to pick up this record, Do it. This band with every release jumps leaps and bounds.

A close up of the record.

Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions|Paradise Illusions (Paranoid Delusions Version) (Hologram Cover) (Out Of 333) (A389 Records)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Justice Replaced By Revenge

Last night I went to see Ruiner, Ringworm and Agnostic Front. It was the best time I have seen Ruiner play so far (This was my fifth time seeing them). Ringworm fucking killed it and the only shirt I got at the show was for them (See below). And Agnostic Front played a great set, even though security was being very lame. They opened up with The Eliminator and and I felt like I was at Posi Numbers 2004 again... Its shows like last night that remind me how much I love hardcore.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Today In The Mail: All Hail The Kingpin

The other day I picked up all three of the Leeway full lengths on tape for $8.25 (with shipping). Born To Expire is one of my favorite hardcore records of all time. And Desperate Measures and Adult Crash are very very underrated records in their own right.

Leeway - Born To Expire (Profile Records)
Leeway - Desperate Measures (Profile Records)
Leeway - Adult Crash (Futurist Records)

(Those are Cassette Tapes not bootleg DVDs ha.)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today In The Mail: Holy Terror Kind Of Day 3.0

Two packages came today the first was my Compact Disc version of the new Pulling Teeth album Paranoid Delusions|Paradise Illusions came. As I was one of the first 300 people to order it I got a copy of the newest edition to the Witches Sabbath 7" series. Of this series I am only missing the first one (that was also put out by Deathwish Inc). The second package was from Hellfish Family and is another Integrity shirt, I think this makes four ha. Can not wait to wear it.

Integrity - Free Charlie (Brown) (XL)
Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions|Paradise Illusions (Deathwish Inc Records) (CD)
Pulling Teeth - Witches Sabbath V (Out Of 300) (Deathwish Inc Records)