Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today In The Mail: Kobe Bryand Lifestyle

The Mind Eraser portion of this post came yesterday, I was just too lazy to post it up. The record took forever to come, even though it was a pre-order. I got the most rare color but I was just sick of waiting for it (RevHQ and online distros were selling this, I even saw a copy on Ebay). I guess its not that bad because about a week ago I found the mp3s up for download. Band is not slipping one bit. But the actual "Today In The Mail" portion is Rotting Out - This Is Just A Life 7". This is one of my favorite "new" bands. I say "new" because the A side of the record is their 2007 Demo. The B side is five other songs, not sure when they were recorded but two of them are covers. The first is "La Girl" origionaly by The Adolescents and the second is "I Love Living In The City" originally by Fear. I fucking love this record. I need to find the mp3s so I can jam more then just their five song demo in my far. For a free D/L of the demo click here. Also be on the look out for their 6131 Records debute 7" in the spring. Oh and I'm going to a show tonight with Peter, Eric and Jakob so I might post about that later.

Rotting Out - This Is Just A Life (Red) (World Won't Listen Records)
Mind Eraser - The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Orange) (Out Of 200) (Youngblood Records)
Youngblood Records Sticker

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today In The Mail: On To Greener Pastures

I didn't have to go into work today (because of this snow/ice storm), but luckily I got three packages today in the mail to entertain me. The first I opened was a book called Salad Days by Charles Romalotti. RevHQ (where I bought it and Eric's girlfriends copy from) described it as this "A coming of age novel centered around growing up during the 1980's hardcore scene. Now in its fifth printing, this is a small press literary bestseller!" This copy is actually from the seventh and last printing. Can't wait to start reading this. The second package I opened had three Rotting Out shirts in it. They had a merch sale going at their webstore and I had to take advantage of it. I've realized this after looking up bands I flaked on buying shirts for on Ebay and the prices can be discusting. And the last package as you can guess seeing its been eleven days since my last A389 Records package that another would come. This of course holding another copy of the newest Integrity 7" and another copy of the Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money Split (this being the European press that came out on Dead And Gone Records). Hardcore lives.

Rotting Out - LAHC (Black) (XL)

Rotting Out - Positive Views (Blue) (XL)


Rotting Out - This Is Just A Life (Black) (XL)


Integrity - Walpurgisnacht (Second Press) (Clear) (A389 Records)
Salad Days - Charles Romalotti
Trapped Under Ice/Dirty Money (Red) (Out Of 665) (Dead And Gone Records)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Today In The Mail: The Lights Begin At The Burn Of Day

Today when I woke up four packages had already come for me. The first package was one I have been waiting on since October. Its the Adult Crash photo book with covers 7". The record was what held this package back for so long but it was well worth the wait. The pictures are cool to see because they are great but not done by a dude who calls himself a photographer even. Sometimes to me the flashy (not a pun) and glitzy side to band photography throws me off and annoys me. That could be part of the excitement I feel as I flip through this book. It reminds me of zines. It reminds me of the types of photos I take, where some can turn out great but more are just captured moments in their purest forms. No light tests and no photoshop affects. Photos aside (I know its a photo book) the writes ups are just as diverse by the bands being covered. I mean reading through you can find quips and real heartfelt write ups by the likes of Paul Bearer, John Joseph and Tim McMahon. If you have an extra 12 bucks lying around buy this. Support Six Feet Under Records.

The next package I opened was 3 records that were old Deathwish Inc restocks that I had to grab up and one fresh from the pressing plant. They were the Killing The Dream - I Rewrote It 7", Terror/Ringworm Split 7" and the Horror Show - Holiday 7" (that is not photoed because it is only for a trade). And the other record that was so fresh was the Internal Affairs - Evil Egyptians 7" (this order was held back a week because it was a pre-order for this record). This record is a 7" version of the Internal Affairs X Dalek 12" that came out Fall of last year and sold out very quickly. So I'm sure this record was pressed so that others could get copies and so they could have something cool to sell on their last tour (that is going on now).

The third package was a soft one so I knew it held no records for me. Its the Withdrawl - Tarot Longsleeve I have been waiting on for ages now. I guess they are working on a 7" and should also have a crew neck up soon with a design by Stephen Kasner (you may know him as the guy who did most of the darkest Integrity's artwork for records and shirts). Super siked on both those. Stop sleeping on this band.

The last package was three records I got off Ebay the other day. One is my second and far more rare copy of The Promise - My True Love 7". The other two are versions of the Terror/The Promise/Plan Of Attack - Live Split. The first copy of this record I bought was way back in 2003 in Cleveland at Hess Fest 2003 (Bane, Terror, Throwdown, The Promise, Suicide File, and Others). Me and my main man Eric each bought a copy from The Promise (and I picked up a longsleeve that randomly disappeared that I would kill to have another of). That night as The Promise drove down to Alabama for Furnace Fest their van burned with all their copies record that they had not sold the day before (not many) or the ones that Organized Crime Records had held on to (not many I'm sure). Over the years I got Eric's copy, the mailorder version on purple marble and the normal press on gold. One of the two I got today was this on green, Its the Plan Of Attack Version Out Of 100. The other was another of The Promise's copies but this one is a much more green blue then any I have ever seen. On further inspection of my other two copies I realized I they are a good representation of the color variations of this incredibly rare version of this record. The proof is in the pics.

The pictures kind of jump around but I'm sure you guys are smart enough to figure it all out.

Adult Crash - Photographs By Dave Brown (Six Feet Under/Vicious Circle Records)
Adult Crash (White) (Out Of 150) (Down To Nothing, Cloak/Dagger, Kill Your Idols, The Slumlords) (Six Feet Under Records)

Internal Affairs - Evil Egyptians (Coke Blue W/ Multi Splatter) (Out Of 409) (Deathwish Inc Records)

Terror/Ringworm (Clear) (Out Of 1500) (Deathwish Inc Records)
Killing The Dream - I Rewrote It (Gold) (Out Of 1300) (Deathwish Inc Records
The Promise - My True Love (Grey) (Out Of 384) (Deathwish Inc Records)

Withdrawal - Tarot (Red) (XXL)

The top two are the ones I got today, the left one is The Promise version as you can tell it is a transition version between the Green (of the right Plan Of Attack version) and the bottom two are the ones I have had for a while. You can see that the right one is another yet version of this as it is much darker. The green one is numbered out of 100, as are the others but as you read above who knows how many actually exist.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dead Swans Signs To Bridge Nine Records

This is not going to be a thing I do very often, but Dead Swans are one of my favorite bands going right now. Their sound is somewhere between American Nightmare, Right Brigade and The Final Plan and they hail from the United Kingdom. Them signing to Bridge Nine is wonderful it means merch and records actually being available in the United States.

Today In The Mail: A Great Day

Today three packages came, two of them are things I ordered/won this weekend. Its weird how other things that are not pre-orders or have "shipped" end up taking longer then some other things coming from much farther away... The first package I opened was the Delay and Tin Armor singles that Art Of The Underground put out. The Delay one has been out of press for at least a year and a the Tin Armor one came and went in the last few months. The second package was the Riff Raff - Lowlifer test press I won on ebay the other day. This is number one of ten that exsist. I would have done anything to see this band play a show but alas I missed all the less than 10 shows they played. And the last package started in Hong Kong went to Denmark then to New Jersey before finally coming to me. Its a set of ten Lego men. Yeah I know I am a dork.

Riff Raff - Lowlifer (Test Press) (Out Of 10) (Eating Rats Records)
Delay - Single Series Volume 25 (Out Of 350) (Art Of The Underground Records)
Tin Armor - Single Series Volume 32 (Out Of 350) (Art Of The Underground Records)
Lego Men

A better picture of all my new Lego friends.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Stay Cold Forevermore

Last night Columbus rolled deep to a out of town show (for once). I road down with Sypder, Dave and two girls. And back home with Aaron, his roommate and Alex.

We got to the show right as Dirty Money was starting, band is so awesome. Suicide Pact and Full Blown Chaos got me moshing with classic covers (Integrity and Madball respectively). Reign Supreme set was between Suicide Pact and Full Blown Chaos and played the best show I have seen them play thus far. Trapped Under Ice headlined the show. This band gets better every single time I see them and define this time of my life and things going on around me.

Dirty Money/Trapped under Ice (Out Of 40) (Yellow) (XL)
Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold (Third Press) (Clear) (Reaper Records)
Dirty Money - No Escaping This (USA Tour Cover) (Dead And Gone Records)
Reign Supreme - RGN SUP (Sunglasses)

The Boundless Light Of A New Day Dawning 2

Today all those "Not My President" shirts are finally true for Americans.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today In The Mail: & Yesterday At The Record Store

I've been waiting a long time for this order from A389 Records (the Pala record was a pre-order). The Living Hell and Pulling Teeth/Frightener split are both records I have slept on getting. I have the Lockin Out Records version of the Living Hell 7" but wanted to have both and was lucky enough to get such a rare version (I guess Dwid threw together the art for this). This is also the third version of the Integrity - Walpurgisnacht record that has come in the mail for me (A little bit overboard but the record is that good ha). And lastly Pala, this band is very diffrent and I am very very into it.

Living Hell - S/T (Demo Cover) (Out Of 25) (A389 Records)
Integrity - Walpurgisnacht (Green Trash) (Out Of 100) (A389 Records)
Pala - S/T (Out Of 300) (A389 Records)
Pulling Teeth/Frightener (Grey) (A389 Records)

The second half of this post is about what I snagged up at Used Kids. It was not my best day there but I snagged up a few gems (all the records have mainly black covers, weird). The Notwist are amazing you should check them out if you already don't worship them. Them and Wire really helped me open my eyes to different music in my early teens. Conflict is a Anarcho Punk outfit from the UK that with Crass and a few other bands made their own little niche in the whole Punk/Hardcore world. If you don't already hate the government this music just might make pump your fist at cops, judges and normies alike.

The Notwist - Torture Day (Zero Hour Records)
Case Of Emergency - S/T (Red) (Out Of 100) (Controlled By Plague Records)
Reproach - Is What It Is (Deep Six Records)
Conflict - The Serenade Is Dead (Mortarhate Records)
9 Shocks Terror/Devoid Of Faith (Grey) (Gloom Records)
The Association of Utopian Hologram Swallowers (Owen, Joan Of Arc) (Polyvinyl Records)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Today In The Mail: I Don't Feel I Blend

Sometimes when I first hear a band I latch on hard, Tears Of Frustration is one of those bands. From the first time I heard them I was hooked. Patriotic hardcore, with leans to youth crew, old school and even Oi! (Aka the perfect band for me). This record was snaked away from me out of a distro forever ago by Reflects singer Tall Rob, but the day of my last Cleveland trip one popped up on ebay for buy now of $5. I could not pass it up. Now I'm only missing a 7" comp and one more split to have all their vinyl releases.

Tears Of Frustration - No Retreat No Defeat (Out Of 1000) (Age Of Venus Records)

The other stuff in the pictures are things I have picked up at Urban Outfitters in the last week (minus a great shirt my girlfriend got me). They are a Fred Perry Wallet, two Bamboozoo toys (Kidrobot) and a Wind Up Owl (Nathan Jurevicuis).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today In The Mail: I've Learned More From Headphones And Records

I couldn't pass up the chance to grab up a copy of the Year One record release version of their demo 7". This is a band way too many people are sleeping on right now. Also included was a free copy of the Altus - All The Way Down CD. Altus is a great female fronted band drawing influences from lots of great bands but I can't really compare them to anyone. Seafoam Recordings is well on their way to becoming one of my favorite smaller labels (they have a free two song Altus EP up for download CHECK IT OUT).

Year One - Demo (Record Release) (Clear) (Out Of 50) (Seafoam Records)
Altus - All The Way Down (Self Released)

Today In My Stomach:

On my day off, a day of pure relaxation I decided to make myself two Boca Burgers. Its a quick and tasty meal that was needed on a day like today. They both have swiss cheese on them and a bit of french fried onions (I'm really all over Europe with toppings today). All I have been doing all day is sat around resting and listen to the yet to be released Morrissey album "Years Of Refusal".

Boca Burgers (All American Flame Grilled) (Swiss Cheese) (French Fried Onions)
BBQ Ruffled Chips

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Burning Living Driving Will

I have been working on this post for a few days now (aka slacking and working). So this post now is coming on the one year anniversary of this blog. Thanks to my friends and a few random people for reading this and commenting (rarely). I hope the next year brings great mail days and even better shows. Now to the original post...

So sorta early last Saturday (01/03/09) my friend Mike and I took a trip to Cleveland, America. The goals; Clothes, Records, Show and of corse Brotherhood/Camaraderie. All goals were of coarse achieved. First stop on the way up (after Wendy's) was Medina, this was to pick up Nick and Pat and then we were off to the Strongsville mall. Where both Nick and I found some cool swishy jackets and I grabbed up some sweaters. After that was Crocker Park where a lot time was wasted but not a lot of clothes were copped. Then after Pat giving awful directions we found our way to Clif from My Luck's record shop, Phonographic Arts. This place is a gold mine, if you are Cleveland this is a 100% stop you have to make if you even sorta buy records. I spent a bit of change, but not too much because everything I got was golden (or at least stuff I have been looking for). Then with Clif in tow we headed to Taco Bell to meet up with some Red Bull girls Pat and Nick know. I partook in some Grande Soft Tacos and a Red Bull and then we were finally on our way to The Tower (2012) for the show. Of course by this time we had missed Force Fed and Poison Planet. Both bands I wanted to see. As Good As Dead, Face Reality and Mindset were all really great. Kinda wish I would have grabbed up a copy of the Mindset 7" so I don't have to wait on the one I Pre-Ordered (but I was trying to hold a bit strong after buying all those records earlier). And lastly Right Idea played, the set was mind blowing. Covers perfect... included in these was a Committed song, with the singer of Committed. I swear Right Idea gets better every time I see them. After the show we all went to a place called My Friends that might also become a Cleveland stop for most trips from now on.

Turning Point - It's Always Darkest... (Second Press) (New Age Records)
Pist-N-Broke - American Drinking Songs (Out Of 1000) (Vulture Rock Records)
Stars And Stripes - Shaved For Battle (Taang Records) *
Mouthpiece - What Was Said (New Age Records)
Mental - Planet Mental (Blue) (Lockin Out Records)

No Warning - S/T (Seconds Press) (Out Of 800) (Martyr Records) *
Tears Of Frustration - Last Of The Few (State Of Mind Records)
Tears Of Frustration/Step 2 Far (Guillotine Records)
I Hate You - Seven Inches Of Hate (Tied Down Records)
First Strike - S/T (Sta Press Records)
Ringworm/Cold As Life (Blue) (Out Of 500) (Stillborn Records)
Horror Show - The Holiday EP (Red) (Out Of 1000) (Deathwish Inc Records) *
Step Forward - S/T (Out Of 418) (Painkiller Records) *
Rancor - Never Hold Back (Clear) (Out Of 220) (Youngblood Records)

Our War - If You're Not Now (Red) (Blank Labels) (Deranged Records) *
Quicksand - S/T (Revelation Records) *
Face Reality - Demo (Out Of 75)
Force Fed - Demo CDR
Region Of Ice - Issue 2
Region Of Ice - Issue 3
Region Of Ice - Issue 4
New Nothing - January 2009
Disconnected - Isolated (Out Of 100) (Sonic Seppuku Projects)

Agnostic Front - Livery And Justice For... (Combat Core)
Chain Of Strength - The One Thing That Still Holds True (Revelation Records)
Better Than A Thousand - Just One (Revelation Records)
Ignite - Past Our Means (Revelation Records)
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - Def-I-Ni-Tion (Rotten Records)
Agnostic Front - Cause For Alarm (Combat Core)
Inside Out - S/T (Revelation Records)
Judge - Bringin' It Down (Revelation Records)
Fugazi - Repeater (Dischord Records)
Ten Yard Fight - Back On Track (Equal Vision Records)
Bold - Speak Out (Revelation Records)
Weezer - S/T (Blue Album) (Geffen Records)

*Means they were on my Howsyouredge want list.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Today In The Mail: God Is Dead Already

Today I came home from a bit of shopping (where I bought myself a very nice Vans watch), to find two packages waiting for me. The first was from Organized Crime Records this could only mean one thing, the new Harms Way record has shipped. The record is heavy as fuck and I know its lame to say but its brutal (that will probably be the only time i use this seriously to describe something so enjoy that). The second package was the Year One - Demo 7" and Baseball Tee. Band is really good (if you are into Lifetime or Descendents you should be into this band). Seafoam Records (their label) seems to be doing some pretty cool things so keep you eye on them also.

Harms Way - Reality Approaches (Red) (Out Of 100) (Organized Crime Records)
Year One - Demo (Clear) (Pre-Order Version) (Out Of 50) (Seafoam Records)
Year One - Demo (Out Of 200) (Seafoam Records)
Year One - Pre-Order (White With Blue Sleeves) (XL)

Also pictured are my new ChristmasVans and the box with my new Vans watch in it.