Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Burning Living Driving Will

I have been working on this post for a few days now (aka slacking and working). So this post now is coming on the one year anniversary of this blog. Thanks to my friends and a few random people for reading this and commenting (rarely). I hope the next year brings great mail days and even better shows. Now to the original post...

So sorta early last Saturday (01/03/09) my friend Mike and I took a trip to Cleveland, America. The goals; Clothes, Records, Show and of corse Brotherhood/Camaraderie. All goals were of coarse achieved. First stop on the way up (after Wendy's) was Medina, this was to pick up Nick and Pat and then we were off to the Strongsville mall. Where both Nick and I found some cool swishy jackets and I grabbed up some sweaters. After that was Crocker Park where a lot time was wasted but not a lot of clothes were copped. Then after Pat giving awful directions we found our way to Clif from My Luck's record shop, Phonographic Arts. This place is a gold mine, if you are Cleveland this is a 100% stop you have to make if you even sorta buy records. I spent a bit of change, but not too much because everything I got was golden (or at least stuff I have been looking for). Then with Clif in tow we headed to Taco Bell to meet up with some Red Bull girls Pat and Nick know. I partook in some Grande Soft Tacos and a Red Bull and then we were finally on our way to The Tower (2012) for the show. Of course by this time we had missed Force Fed and Poison Planet. Both bands I wanted to see. As Good As Dead, Face Reality and Mindset were all really great. Kinda wish I would have grabbed up a copy of the Mindset 7" so I don't have to wait on the one I Pre-Ordered (but I was trying to hold a bit strong after buying all those records earlier). And lastly Right Idea played, the set was mind blowing. Covers perfect... included in these was a Committed song, with the singer of Committed. I swear Right Idea gets better every time I see them. After the show we all went to a place called My Friends that might also become a Cleveland stop for most trips from now on.

Turning Point - It's Always Darkest... (Second Press) (New Age Records)
Pist-N-Broke - American Drinking Songs (Out Of 1000) (Vulture Rock Records)
Stars And Stripes - Shaved For Battle (Taang Records) *
Mouthpiece - What Was Said (New Age Records)
Mental - Planet Mental (Blue) (Lockin Out Records)

No Warning - S/T (Seconds Press) (Out Of 800) (Martyr Records) *
Tears Of Frustration - Last Of The Few (State Of Mind Records)
Tears Of Frustration/Step 2 Far (Guillotine Records)
I Hate You - Seven Inches Of Hate (Tied Down Records)
First Strike - S/T (Sta Press Records)
Ringworm/Cold As Life (Blue) (Out Of 500) (Stillborn Records)
Horror Show - The Holiday EP (Red) (Out Of 1000) (Deathwish Inc Records) *
Step Forward - S/T (Out Of 418) (Painkiller Records) *
Rancor - Never Hold Back (Clear) (Out Of 220) (Youngblood Records)

Our War - If You're Not Now (Red) (Blank Labels) (Deranged Records) *
Quicksand - S/T (Revelation Records) *
Face Reality - Demo (Out Of 75)
Force Fed - Demo CDR
Region Of Ice - Issue 2
Region Of Ice - Issue 3
Region Of Ice - Issue 4
New Nothing - January 2009
Disconnected - Isolated (Out Of 100) (Sonic Seppuku Projects)

Agnostic Front - Livery And Justice For... (Combat Core)
Chain Of Strength - The One Thing That Still Holds True (Revelation Records)
Better Than A Thousand - Just One (Revelation Records)
Ignite - Past Our Means (Revelation Records)
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles - Def-I-Ni-Tion (Rotten Records)
Agnostic Front - Cause For Alarm (Combat Core)
Inside Out - S/T (Revelation Records)
Judge - Bringin' It Down (Revelation Records)
Fugazi - Repeater (Dischord Records)
Ten Yard Fight - Back On Track (Equal Vision Records)
Bold - Speak Out (Revelation Records)
Weezer - S/T (Blue Album) (Geffen Records)

*Means they were on my Howsyouredge want list.


Anonymous said...

Cleveland isn't that bad, right?!

Head2Wall said...

Cleveland has been good to me for a bit. But is still an awful awful place.

Julian said...

It took me a minute to figure out what those things in the last picture were. I thought they were like bootleg dvds at first... haha.

michael said...

hey been scouring the net for a while trying to get pressing info for No warning S/T 7" on black. not sure what pressing it is. got it at Posi#'s 03. any clue where i can get some info

Head2Wall said...

all you have to do is go to howsyouredge.com/swap then use the search function. 1st press with blue labels is out of 350. And second press with red labels is out of 800. This is just for the black vinyl with regular covers. hope you randomly look at this again and see my response since you didn't leave your email.