Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Head2wall Records are proud to announce Illustrations

We are beyond excited to welcome the newest member of the Head2Wall Records family: ILLUSTRATIONS. This San Antonio-based dark, metallic hardcore band is creating some of the most interesting heavy music out right now, and we couldn't be more proud to be a part of it. In anticipation of their second LP, the follow-up to last year's masterpiece IN VAIN, we will be releasing a series of three 7" flexi singles. The first installment, IRON RAIN, is coming this October, and will feature a second brand-new track, exclusive to the download included with the flexi. Stay tuned for more details. If you have not been paying attention to this band, it's time to start.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Best Of 2014

Oops I've had this done since a few days before the end of the year but I forgot to post it. My bad. A lot of shits been going on. Most bad. But a bit good. 2014 was a big LP year. So many great LPs came out that I left a few off that I'm sure some people have as their number ones. As usual I'm all over the place with the music I like so If you like one band you might not like the next. I added some honorable mentions for the LP category for that very reason. Too much good stuff.

Top 10 LPS

1. Raspberry bulbs - Privacy
2. Spine - Time Has Gone
3. Moutheater - Passing Key
4. Homewrecker - Circle Of Death
5. Shellac - Dude Incredible
6. Goodtime Boys - Rain
7. Battle Ruins - S/T
8. The Flex - Wild Stabs In The Dark
9. Self Defense Family - Try Me
10. Dark Blue - Pure Reality

Honorable mentions for this category would be Midnight, Ringworm, Boston Strangler and Aviator.

Top 10 EPS

1. No Sir, I Won't - This World Is Fucking Shit
2. True Love - New Young Gods
3. Six Bells - S/T
4. Self Defense Family - Duets
5. Civilized - Dust And Blood
6. Vegas - Sagevisules
7. Razor Heads - S/T
8. Keepsake - Wanders
9 .Vanishing Life - People Running
10. Moral Mazes - Magic Tommy Jackson

Top 10 Splits/Compilations

1. Self Defense Family/Meredith Hunter
2. Retox/Narrows
3. Full Of Hell/Pyswarfare
4. Nothing/Whirr
5. Blood Lust Compilation (Civilized, Culture Shock, Need, Suburbanite And Cadaver Dog)
6. Benchpress/Martyrs Tongue
7. Joie De Vivre/Prawn
8. Full Of Hell/Merzbow
9. Integrity/Vegas
10. The Saddest Landscape/Frameworks

Top 8 Demos

1. Last Crusade
2. Acid Rain
3. No Hands
4. Western Medication
5. Red Death
6. xtrmst
7. PMS 84
8. Shranal

*only 8 demos because those are only ones I really dug.

Top 10 Shows

1. Anti Nowhere League @ Punk Rock Bowling (05/24)
2. United Nations/Silver Snakes/Caraveles @ The Dive Bar (11/12)
3. Self Defense Family/Goodtime Boys/Take Care (Acoustic) @ Hardhat Lounge (11/11)
4. The Flex/Violent Reaction @ Hellpop (04/30)
5. The Adicts @ The Hard Rock Cafe (11/02)
6. Life After Death/No End In Sight/Mental Prison/Acid Rain @ Eastside Joes (05/09)
7. Illustrations/Unfair Fight/Keepsake @ The Artistic Armory (07/13)
8. Fury/Barge/Zoom/Value/Acid Rain @ Tipsy Coffee House (08/16)
9. Judge/H20 @ Las Vegas Country Saloon (05/24)
10. The Hold Steady @ Vinyl (08/02)