Friday, November 28, 2008

One Sweet Day

After a 13 hour work day and Dugg trying to eat my mail (see post below). I drove 15 minutes south to see my baby girl to help her get a project done for art school and get some lovin.

Oh yeah if you haven't checked it out yet... I made her an amazing mix. I love life.

As always great things coming in the future of the blog. Even those long awaited pictures from Chicago last year and that Cleveland show the other week, tons of stuff coming in the mail, another show in early December, uploads and the life I lead.

Today In The Mail: Dog Day Afternoon

So I come home from work today to find one my packages torn open by my brother's dog, Dugg. Luckily he only crushed the Cd case (which was an easy fix, all I had to do was switch the case out). I would have been very annoyed had he hurt the Pulling Teeth - Witches Sabbath IV record seeing that it is decently rare. Only other problem with this package was an LP I ordered with it was not included at all. But that's how it is sometimes and I've only had one problem before so I wont blame it on Dom. I just hope it gets to me somehow Im assuming with the next batch of pre-orders they are doing for the Pala, Oak and Rot In Hell records coming out pretty soon.

Pulling Teeth - Witches Sabbath IV (Out Of 300) (Chainsaw Safety Records)
Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin (Chainsaw Safety Records) (Weird I bought a CD)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Still Crossed - Unreleased Material

Still Crossed was one of my favorite bands to see back in 2004. They put out a demo and one full length CD (on Indecision Records). It always bothered me that their CD "Love And Betrayal" never came out on LP. These songs were intended to be on a split with Against from Brisbane, Queensland (Thats in Australia newbs).

Still Crossed - Unreleased Material


(Still Crossed's drummer Robbie is now in several great bands including one spotlighted in this blog already, Black Dove).

Monday, November 24, 2008

Today In The Mail: There's Only So Much Time

A package and an envelope today both brought me great joy. The package was A Kind Of Like Spitting 7" I won on ebay the other day for a very fare price. And the envelope was the No Tolerance demo tape. This tape was just a random buy when I saw it on the Painkiller Records webstore, and boy am I happy I bought it. The demo has a very SSD, Last Rights and DYS feel (so it makes a lot of sense they are from boston). Probably one of the best demos I have heard all year. If you get the chance to buy the tape, do it.

No Tolerance - Demo (Edge Day Records)
Kind Of Like Spitting - Birds Of A Feather (Out Of 1000) (Grand Theft Autumn Records)

Recap Of End Of A Year/Defeater/Steel Nation Show

I am not going to get into how much the Columbus hardcore scene is a joke or how disappointed I am in most of my friends. I would rather just focus on a great show that far too many people missed. Reflect opened up, and as usual they were awesome. A lot people sleep on this band or are forced to do so. This was their first time playing at Bernies and Rob's stage presence was great. Empire played next and killed it. When I watch them play I still can't believe they are not huge. Hopefully their tour with Backtrack in January will help that. Unreal City dropped off. Defeater played next and they were awesome. They just got signed to Bridge Nine Records, who will be rerelasing their cd "Travels" on LP I hope I get a chance to see them again soon. Next up was Steel Nation, I have not seen them since they kicked their singer out and became a four peice. They have a very 90's feel now, very Biohazard/Life Of Agony-esque. I am very into this turn for the band. End Of A Year closed out the night and I feel very strongly about this band. They did not let me down one bit, the music live was spot on. I am very happy to have been part of making this show possible.

I finaly was able to get an End Of A Year shirts. I love it because nowhere on the shirt does it say their name, just a live shot. And I picked up a pretty cool Defeater shirt.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today In The Mail: Today Was A Good Day 2.0

Today I got another package from A389 Records. I love ordering from this label (other then me never getting my Gehenna shirt) I ordered this 4 days ago and its already in my hands. This was just me picking up some cheap records that I have either lost on ebay or flaked on picking up before. The Aloke LP was just a random purchase and from the A side I am into this record. Defenetly weird stuff.

H20 - It Was A Good Day/I Want More (Blue) (Side One Dummy Records)
Redemption 87 - Spidey Sessions (Blue) (Out Of 500) (Breakout Records)
Our Times - S/T (Big Hole) (Out Of 400) (Headcount Records)
Aloke - One Day We Will Kill You (Red) (Gatehouse Anchor Records)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Today In The Mail: The Modern Dogma Is

Another record I have been waiting on for what seems like forever. And its not even the version I ordered first. This Is the Record Release version (the first copy I ordered was a normal version of this but some sort of problems with the covers has it delayed). Arms Aloft is a "punk" band from Wisconsin, and I'm pretty sure at least one of the members was in Regret (a band I couldn't see enough of that just dropped off the map last year). Their music is like faster Jawbreaker/Hot Water Music with the vocal styling's of some of the better Hellcat Records artists (sounds weird but the band is great).

Arms Aloft - Comfort At Any Cost (Record Release) (Grey) (Out Of 25) (Dead Format Records)

This record also came with lots of stuff. Dead Format pin, patch and sticker. Two other Dead Format related stickers (Profanity). And A Arms Aloft sticker and patch. Plus the cover has a sweet cloth Obi and splatter on it that make the whole presentation awesome. You can download their demo off their website. Buy this record from Dead Format. This is easily one of my favorite 7"s that has come out all year. Do not flake on this band.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Forget The World And The Rules

Flyer by Me.

This show seemed like it was ages away, and now its flying up faster than any other. This is the best show I have been apart of doing so far. Its two tours colliding, End Of A Year/Defeater and Steel Nation/Unreal City. And then its two of my favorite local bands Reflect and Empire. This is by far one of the best shows in Columbus all year, and I'm sure the turnout will be great (for once).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Watch Me Sink Like A Stone

For the second time this week I went out of town and saw Have Heart, Ceremony, Blacklisted, Let Down And Convicted. This Show was in Cleveland, Ohio. The local opener for this show was Mad Minds. Oh and two posts in one day, weird.

Now the write up for this show is going to be shorter than the one for Monday's. Convicted opened and this time I didn't miss any of it. Band only gets better every time I see them. Mad Minds played next and even though they're are dudes I never really got into them when I saw them. This time though they were awesome. This was to be their "Record Release Show." Sadly due to something or other they didn't have the records to be released. You can pre-order it HERE (along with the Triceratops LP). Let Down played next, they once again we're really good Kids were moshing hard having lots of fun myself included (durring them and Convicted I really bruised up my forearm). Blacklisted played next and as usual killed it. And now I take back what I said about Ceremony, at this show they were pretty tight and played an amazing set. At some point I allegedly elbowed some girl's face in. Have Heart closed out the Night again. They once again did a great job and played some decent tunes I wanted to hear. All and all the show was great.

This is the first Blacklisted shirt I have ever purchased (for myself). And it has a kitty on it, so I love it.

Today In The Mail: Christmas Came Early

I have skipped over several packages that have come in the past few weeks. Out of pure laziness. But I think this one deserves a post. This sold out in less than a week and that was a week before I even saw it was up for order so when I saw that RevHQ had copies I ordered one for me and one for Reid (He Loves David Bazan/Pedro The Lion).

David Bazan - Jingle Bells (Red) (Out Of 400) (Suicide Squeeze Records)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Been Livin' In The Dark Since April

Last night myself, Jakob and Aaron (Plus two girls) took a trip down to Cincinnati (Covington, Ky) to see a show. The show was one of the biggest/strongest hardcore tours I've seen in a while, and with a added bonus This Is Hell and support (Gravemaker) was added.

We got there late And missed all but one Convicted song. I was very bummed. Its been over 5 months since I saw them last (with Blacklisted) and I was hoping to get my mosh on (ha). Im pretty sure Gravemaker played next they were alright, I just wasn't paying to much attention to them (I know Aaron was into them). Now its been 3 and a half years (+) since the last time I saw This Is Hell. They were awesome. I like the band a lot but don't know their catalog as well as I should but they still ended up playing 3-4 songs I knew pretty well. Oh and I was taller then the guitarist and bassist when they were on the stage (something I found to be very amusing). Let Down played next, this was my third time seeing this band this year. No show will ever compare to the insanity of the Tower show (And they were pretty decent when I saw them in Romeo Michigan with Swamp Thing). But they played a good set. Stage banter was pretty good at points and I love the way they just say their name with straight edge as it goes hand in hand. Also I picked up the Tour version of their LP We're In This Alone (Six Feet Under Records) out of 80. Blacklisted was up next which surprised me because I thought they were bigger then Ceremony but that's a mute point. They were fucking awesome. I think this band gets better every single time I see them. People were losing their minds, it was great. Ceremony played next and though I do enjoy this bands earlier offerings I'm not to impressed by their last 7" and LP. They play sloppy angry hardcore. And at this show it came off very sloppy. Have Heart ended the nights festivities. I like this band. I don't love this band. A lot of people at this show LOVED this band. They were going nuts. So many people on stage singing along. The new record is really good. The last record was really good. Its very understandable why this band is so big. This show as a whole was amazing. I got to see some of my friends for the first time since I moved back from Louisville. A lot of my Cincinnati dudes. And had the pleasure of meeting a few new people. Wednesday I will be seeing this show again, and if In not lazy Ill grab up a disposable camera and snap some pics for the blog.

Oh and I picked up this awesome shirt.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Gorilla Biscuits Vinyl Figure

"We're getting close to the release More info soon. contact me at if you're stateside and are interested in getting one. That's it for now!"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A lot of people around here at least seem to think that Obama and voting are a bandwagon to be jumped on. A cool thing to throw on a shirt (the H2O shirt was too good to pass up ha) or to put on their myspace. Well I woke up early and went to a church (yuck) a few miles from my house and cast my vote. I've always felt voting is one of the most important rights we have and a lot of Americans like to just shrug it off to the next guy. A lot of my friends are doing this today. I just hope everyone who reads this voted, and pray that cracker loses.