Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today In The Mail: Today Was A Good Day 2.0

Today I got another package from A389 Records. I love ordering from this label (other then me never getting my Gehenna shirt) I ordered this 4 days ago and its already in my hands. This was just me picking up some cheap records that I have either lost on ebay or flaked on picking up before. The Aloke LP was just a random purchase and from the A side I am into this record. Defenetly weird stuff.

H20 - It Was A Good Day/I Want More (Blue) (Side One Dummy Records)
Redemption 87 - Spidey Sessions (Blue) (Out Of 500) (Breakout Records)
Our Times - S/T (Big Hole) (Out Of 400) (Headcount Records)
Aloke - One Day We Will Kill You (Red) (Gatehouse Anchor Records)


jimmybuttons said...

used to have that redemption 87 demo on a tape andrew champion (screw 32) made for me once. god damn, we even had THE RADDEST living room mosh pit session EVER to it. hanging out in berkeley during this time was always so awesome.

gabagaba566 said...

Man, Screw32. The Bombshelter. Berkley Square. Memories....Oh and the Gilman