Friday, November 21, 2008

Today In The Mail: The Modern Dogma Is

Another record I have been waiting on for what seems like forever. And its not even the version I ordered first. This Is the Record Release version (the first copy I ordered was a normal version of this but some sort of problems with the covers has it delayed). Arms Aloft is a "punk" band from Wisconsin, and I'm pretty sure at least one of the members was in Regret (a band I couldn't see enough of that just dropped off the map last year). Their music is like faster Jawbreaker/Hot Water Music with the vocal styling's of some of the better Hellcat Records artists (sounds weird but the band is great).

Arms Aloft - Comfort At Any Cost (Record Release) (Grey) (Out Of 25) (Dead Format Records)

This record also came with lots of stuff. Dead Format pin, patch and sticker. Two other Dead Format related stickers (Profanity). And A Arms Aloft sticker and patch. Plus the cover has a sweet cloth Obi and splatter on it that make the whole presentation awesome. You can download their demo off their website. Buy this record from Dead Format. This is easily one of my favorite 7"s that has come out all year. Do not flake on this band.

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