Friday, November 28, 2008

Today In The Mail: Dog Day Afternoon

So I come home from work today to find one my packages torn open by my brother's dog, Dugg. Luckily he only crushed the Cd case (which was an easy fix, all I had to do was switch the case out). I would have been very annoyed had he hurt the Pulling Teeth - Witches Sabbath IV record seeing that it is decently rare. Only other problem with this package was an LP I ordered with it was not included at all. But that's how it is sometimes and I've only had one problem before so I wont blame it on Dom. I just hope it gets to me somehow Im assuming with the next batch of pre-orders they are doing for the Pala, Oak and Rot In Hell records coming out pretty soon.

Pulling Teeth - Witches Sabbath IV (Out Of 300) (Chainsaw Safety Records)
Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin (Chainsaw Safety Records) (Weird I bought a CD)

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