Monday, November 24, 2008

Recap Of End Of A Year/Defeater/Steel Nation Show

I am not going to get into how much the Columbus hardcore scene is a joke or how disappointed I am in most of my friends. I would rather just focus on a great show that far too many people missed. Reflect opened up, and as usual they were awesome. A lot people sleep on this band or are forced to do so. This was their first time playing at Bernies and Rob's stage presence was great. Empire played next and killed it. When I watch them play I still can't believe they are not huge. Hopefully their tour with Backtrack in January will help that. Unreal City dropped off. Defeater played next and they were awesome. They just got signed to Bridge Nine Records, who will be rerelasing their cd "Travels" on LP I hope I get a chance to see them again soon. Next up was Steel Nation, I have not seen them since they kicked their singer out and became a four peice. They have a very 90's feel now, very Biohazard/Life Of Agony-esque. I am very into this turn for the band. End Of A Year closed out the night and I feel very strongly about this band. They did not let me down one bit, the music live was spot on. I am very happy to have been part of making this show possible.

I finaly was able to get an End Of A Year shirts. I love it because nowhere on the shirt does it say their name, just a live shot. And I picked up a pretty cool Defeater shirt.

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Peter said...

getting people to come to shows in columbus is like pulling teeth

unless it's a pulling teeth show