Monday, December 28, 2009

Today In The Mail: Repress Day

Today I awoke to a package from Revhq, in contained to records. Both represses and both containing some of the best hardcore songs ever written. The First I pulled out was the Unbroken - Crushed On You 7" on New Age Records, and in a way this is a double. This happens a lot when you get as many records as I do. Luckily this is not a true double since this is a repress and on another label then my first version, but since I am not trying to collect all the versions of this record I wouldn't have bought more then one. One weird thing about this record is its title, on Revhq and on the labels website it is listed as being called "Crushed On You" (also the name of one of the members of Unbroken's new band, who I love). The original version of the record is called "Circa '77" on ThreeOneG, and both versions of record say this on the front. Either way Unbroken is amazing and this record is amazing (Absentee Debate is one of my fave hardcore songs of all time). The other record I ordered was the main goal of the order, it as of right now is already sold out again on from Revhq and Deathwish Inc has yet to put them up for order so I don't know how rare this record is. It has some packaging differences (Deathwish Inc on the back instead of Malfunction and is not a gatefold like the first two presses had) but is still a great score. I've been debating getting one off ebay but they have been going for around $50 for almost a year (all versions) and Its hard for me to spend that much on a record.

The Hope Conspiracy - Death Knows Your Name (White/Gold Mix) (Deathwish Inc Records)
Unbroken - Crushed On You (Circa '77) (New Age Records)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Today In The Mail: Christmas Came Early 2.0

As this is the day before Christmas I didn't think any packages would find their way to my door (or at least any for me). When I came back from breakfast with my mom, Sister and her husband I found a wonderful package waiting inside for me. It was from Dom (from A389 Records, Pulling Teeth and formerly of Day Of Mourning). I had won these off him on ebay last week and he had them out to me in record time. I was surprised at the low amount both of these went for, only a bit over $20 each. This I'm sure had to do with the Ringworm and Integrity Tests he was also selling. Either way I am super excited to have these records. The Day Of Mourning - Your Future's End LP came with a printed out version of the original cover of the CD (one of the many reason I wanted this because I have never seen it bigger then a thumbnail). And included with it was a Day Of Mourning sticker. The Gluttons - S/T 7" has a pretty cool Venom Rip-Off cover. If you have not heard either of these bands the normal version (and even a few rare colors) are still available from A389 Records so pick em up.

Day Of Mourning - Your Future's End (Test Press) (A389 Records)
Gluttons - S/T (Test Press) (Out Of 10) (A389 Records)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Today In The Mail: Forever And A Day Later

This was ordered in August of 2008, and it was well worth the wait. Rot In Hell is a hardcore band from the United Kingdom. So many details, so many things screened and so many cool extras. And all of this was well worth the 50 bucks I spent on it to have such a rare batch of records. They only did 35 of these and sure it took them ages to put it all together. So many pieces. FUCK. I thought today would never come. When I ordered this it was only to have a copy of each of their records (at the time three). But a shirt/patch/button combo made it. What I ended up with blows my mind. I'll just list off all the items in the box (and post some pictures) because I fucked up and undid the rope before taking a picture of it all together (check here for what I'm sure is a better treatment for this beautiful boxset).

I'll start with a list.

4 Records
1 Shirt
1 Patch
1 Button
1 7"x7" Print (black on black version)
1 CD with the Black Omega 7" on it
1 Zine/Lyric booklet
1 spay painted stenciled poster
all in a pretty cool spray paint stenciled box

One of the first.

Patch/Button and the other side of the stenciled poster. (Also stenciled duh).

Spay painted stenciled poster.

Front of the zine/lyric book.

Back of the zine/lyric book.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today In The Mail: Yesterday In The Mail Vol. 3

After a hellish day in the mail a few days ago I got two packages in the mail. First Dom/A389 Records hooked me up with another set of the records that had been destroyed by the united states postal service. I would like to start by saying how great every part of The Promise repress looks. From the cover (gatefold) to the insert insert and of corse the vinyl they all look beautiful. Its one of the best represses I have ever seen. The Gluttons 7" which was the other pre-order looks great and sounds even better. This band is another one of Human Furnace's sideprojects (he is the singer of Ringworm to any of you newbz) and as it says on A389's site it sounds like a cross between Discharge and Motorhead (though I hear a lot more Motorhead). This record fucking jamz. Included in this was a Pre-order package only repress of the Ringworm - Demo 7". I picked up the original press (that included Bloodbook zine issue number 4) from Phonographic Arts at few months back. This also looks great and includes the lyrics that I can say if I remember the original including.

Ringworm - 1991 Demo (Out Of 300) (A389 Records)
Gluttons - S/T (A389 Records)
Ringworm - The Promise (Gold/Red) (Out Of 300) (A389 Records)

The second package a record that was slated for release sometime last year I believe and the label that had pressed it ended up folding (dude ran off with everyone's money but still bothered to press it). It's a copy of Memorial's - The Creative Process/Berlin. I am super happy about finally being able to hear this and I the label Photobooth Records bought up the copies and sold them through their webstore (some are still available so get a copy for yourself). The package included the handwritten lyrics to July by Mineral on the back of a registration card to a college and a coupon for a select Ocean Spray product.

Memorial - The Creative Process/Berlin (White) (Out Of 300) (Photobooth Records)