Monday, January 12, 2009

Today In The Mail: I Don't Feel I Blend

Sometimes when I first hear a band I latch on hard, Tears Of Frustration is one of those bands. From the first time I heard them I was hooked. Patriotic hardcore, with leans to youth crew, old school and even Oi! (Aka the perfect band for me). This record was snaked away from me out of a distro forever ago by Reflects singer Tall Rob, but the day of my last Cleveland trip one popped up on ebay for buy now of $5. I could not pass it up. Now I'm only missing a 7" comp and one more split to have all their vinyl releases.

Tears Of Frustration - No Retreat No Defeat (Out Of 1000) (Age Of Venus Records)

The other stuff in the pictures are things I have picked up at Urban Outfitters in the last week (minus a great shirt my girlfriend got me). They are a Fred Perry Wallet, two Bamboozoo toys (Kidrobot) and a Wind Up Owl (Nathan Jurevicuis).

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