Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Stay Cold Forevermore

Last night Columbus rolled deep to a out of town show (for once). I road down with Sypder, Dave and two girls. And back home with Aaron, his roommate and Alex.

We got to the show right as Dirty Money was starting, band is so awesome. Suicide Pact and Full Blown Chaos got me moshing with classic covers (Integrity and Madball respectively). Reign Supreme set was between Suicide Pact and Full Blown Chaos and played the best show I have seen them play thus far. Trapped Under Ice headlined the show. This band gets better every single time I see them and define this time of my life and things going on around me.

Dirty Money/Trapped under Ice (Out Of 40) (Yellow) (XL)
Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold (Third Press) (Clear) (Reaper Records)
Dirty Money - No Escaping This (USA Tour Cover) (Dead And Gone Records)
Reign Supreme - RGN SUP (Sunglasses)

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