Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get Down - S/T 7" Inches

Its been a long time since I updated my blog. The reason for this was mainly because this is the 100th post and I was waiting for something good to come up. Also I'm lazy and have been out of town for shows a lot lately.

Get Down was a band that featured members of great hardcore acts such as American Nightmare, In My Eyes and Panic. Their first 7" came out on Painkiller Records in October of 2003. Their second 7" was to come out in 2006 on Mosh Camp. Now as far as I can tell this record was pressed and covers and someone is just sitting on most of the copies somewhere. Now I have deduced this from some people having this listed on their howsyouredge lists and a whole lot of people saying they have never recieved it. What sucks is the record is very good. Not the kinda record that should rot in someones closet. The first 7" is long out of print so I've uploaded them both. Get into this band.

Get Down - S/T 7"

Get Down - Second 7"

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