Monday, January 14, 2008


On Wednesday 01/09/08 Columbus, Ohio's own 80's hardcore throwback (think Dag Nasty/Rights Of Spring) played at the LOD (Legion Of Doom) with Screaming Females (who to me are very boring and played far too long of a set). I stood upstairs until Reflect played because I'm that guy I guess that came to see the one hardcore band playing a house punk show (or maybe sometimes I just have good musical taste). Its been quite a while since I've seen Reflect live, and their singer Rob has only become a better front man. With his head not centimeters from the ceiling of the basement he jumps and throw himself all over the stage. I've not seen many better bands play at the LOD especially local bands and it boggles my mind why a label hasn't picked these dudes up. Im sure a lot are looking for bands that can tour out and Reflect dudes can't do too much of that (some people have real jobs, who'da thunk it), but other then that, the band is on point. I can see this late 80's sound on the comeback. And with bands like Right Idea And Reflect hailing from Ohio maybe we can get some of the limelight again.

A few pictures from that show.

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