Friday, December 12, 2008

Today In The Mail: More Shirts Then Records

Today I woke up to find four packages for me, went to work for three hours, had a CD player put in my moms car and came home to find another package waiting for me. The first package I opened was my Backtrack - Demo 7" pre-order pack. (Aaron and I will be doing Backtrack's second Columbus show on January 2nd, 2009 (look for a flyer for this soon)). The package was one record short though because with the pre-order I ordered a Rhythm To The Madness 7" (super bummer I was excited to hear it). Second was a package was from Canadian Holy Terrorists Withdrawl. It was two shirts (And three huge vinyl stickers) they sent me to fill the void until the long sleeve I ordered comes in (its been 2 months since I ordered it). I am super excited about these shirts though (even though one has boobs on it). Then I started opening up two small packages that were rubber banded together. They contained three cassette tapes (each of them demos) by Some Kind Of Hate, S.O.S. and Breathing Fire (I've been trying to get a copy of this tape forever). The last package was a copy of the Ray And Porcell 7" that I have never heard. And in the end this haul was so big I had to take two pictures to do it justice.

Some Kind Of Hate - Demo
S.O.S. - Demo (Lockin Out Records)
Breathing Fire - Demo (Painkiller Records)
Backtrack - Demo (Pre-Order) (Clear Orange) (Out Of 90) (Flatspot Records)
Backtrack - Demo Cover (White) (XL)

Ray And Porcell - S/T (Revelation Records)
Withdrawl - Pray As Lamb, Lamb As Prey (Black) (XL)
Withdrawal - Glory (Black) (XL)

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