Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Today In The Mail: Yesterday In The Mail Vol. 1

Well I wasn't home yesterday to open this package so it basically came today. I was waiting for what seemed like ages for this to come up for pre-order, and it came pretty quickly once it was. This tape has exclusive tracks from Hollywood, Moutheater, Feed and The Effort (and a few other bands I have no heard of). Also a few tracks of Thrashed Records related bands such as Lone Wolf, Die Young, Lie And Wait, The Recluse, Kintaro and Hostage Calm. If you have a tape player I suggest buying this, or at least checking these bands out. Oh and to check out mp3s from a few of these band's and some other great bands check out the Thrashed Records Winter Sampler 2008.

Thrashed! Records Mixtape Vol. 1 (Red) (Out Of 50) (Thrashed Records)
Thrashed! Records Mixtape Vol. 1 (White) (Out Of 150) (Thrashed Records)

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