Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quicksand - B-Sides And Rarities

These songs are another preview of something I coming in the mail. They are (as the title says) b-sides and rarities, so only a few are on the albums you are likely to have heard by them. Songs "All In Your Head," "Requiem," and "Hostage Calm" are stand out tracks (in my opinion).

Quicksand - B-Sides And Rarities

01 - How Soon Is Now
02 - Divorce
03 - Shovel
04 - Chelsea's Going Under 1995
05 - Instrumental
06 - All In Your Head
07 - Requiem
08 - In The End
09 - Constant Tension
10 - Hostage Calm
11 - Weed It Out
12 - Chelsea's Going Under 1998
13 - Dine Alone (Demo)
14 - Can Opener (Demo)
15 - Worlds Fastest Car (True Manic Demo Version)
16 - Knee Jerk Reaction (True Manic Demo Version)
17 - Bug Collector (True Manic Demo Version)
18 - Baphomet (Live With Vocals)
19 - Clean Slate (Live CA)
20 - How Soon Is Now (Live At CBGB)
21 - Super Genius (True Manic Demo Version)


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A Simple Complex said...

track 2 is not "Divorce" it's actually the b-side on the divorce 7 inch called "Voice Killer"

these seven are the songs from the 1998 studio sessions that were supposed to become their 3rd album

"All In Your Head"
"In The End"
"Constant Tension"
"Hostage Calm"
"Weed It Out"
"Chelsea's Going Under (1998)"

the 1995 version of "Chelsea" was released on an Island Records compilation called "Hit Me"

these songs were recorded during the Manic Compression sessions:

"Bug Collector"
"World's Fastest Car"
"Knee Jerk Reaction"

that's what my research came up with. had to share it with someone.