Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today In The Mail: I Wouldn't Know Where To Begin

Today I woke to have two packages thrown on top of me. One (the Lp) was a from Interpunk, and all the 7"s were from a order I made at Painkiller Records. As the title says... plus I am very tired and don't feel like going depth why everyone should own "Something To Write Home About" or that Mentally Challenged 7". Enjoy the pretty pictures though.

The Get Up Kids - Something To Write Home About (Purple) (Out Of 2000) (Doghouse Records)
Underdog - Live From Asbury Lanes (Self Released)
Restless Youth - State Of Confusion (Red) (Out Of 285) (Painkiller Records)
Look Alive - Both Feet On The Ground (Off White "Yellow" Transition Color) (Lockin Out Records)
Mentally Challenged - Doctors, Lawyers, Cops And Priests (No Label Records)
Hatred Surge - Isolated Human (Out Of 150) (Painkiller Records)

Gatefold of "Something To Write Home About"

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