Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today In The Mail: Double Locks On All Of Our Hearts

I figured both of these were a few days off so I didn't budget myself much time to update today. The two 7"s are both from Reaper Records. This is the second copy of Trapped Under Ice's - Stay Cold I have picked up this one comes with a limited cover (it is a black and white version of the Pre-Order cover). I was really into the art and it made me more bummed I didn't get it right when it came up so I really was siked when I saw this up for order. The other 7" is a band from Syracuse called Violent Side, they feature members of Black SS and Forfeit. Real good straight forward hardcore. "Violent Side Bust" part will have you moshing for sure and the record is limited to 148 and with nothing saying about another pressing I would say go grab yourself a copy!

The other package I got was a CDR demo I got off ebay for one of my favorite bands, End Of A Year. I had the pleasure of seeing them for a third time in Cleveland last week, they were fucking great as usual. I am very excited for the new LP on Deathwish inc. If I get my shit together I should have an interview with their singer Patrick relatively soon (for either a print zine I am trying to do or maybe just for this blog). But back to the CDR, it killed me to have to pay $8 bucks for a burned CD but I am collecting the band so I guess I can give myself a pass.

Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold (4th Press) (Limited Cover) (Out Of 350) (Reaper Records)
Violent Side - S/T (Out Of 148) (Reaper Records)
End Of A Year - Warm (Demo)

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