Monday, October 6, 2008

Today In The Mail: Today Was A Good Day

With today's other update comes this one. A new edition for the blog, but an old favorite of mine. Everyday I come home from work (or peek out to my mailbox on the few and far between days I actually have off) I hope to find treasures waiting for me. Today was a great fucking day. 3 packages.


Ruiner - Japan Tour (White) (XL)
H2O - Water Drop Shirt (Off White) (XL)
Pressure - Beasts (Red/Black) (Out Of 900) (Burn Bridges Records)
Have Heart - 2003 (Last Press) (Out Of 100) (Bottled Up Records)

I have the next three days off, so both my blogs should get a bit more attention. (But I can't promise anything).

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