Sunday, October 19, 2008

First (Of Many) Collaborative Shows

*Not the official flyer. (Bteen Productions Version).

For this show, I have lost my mind. And its a big duh on why. End Of A Year is by far one of my favorite bands right now, and I'm beyond excited for this show (and helping put it on is siking me up even more). Now away from me nerding out over them (I'll save that for a post later this week (If the mail gods favore me)).

This as I said is a collaborative show between Aaron (Xbowz) And I. This "flyer" you see above is actualy a CD cover. I burned 30 CD's with 2 songs each by the bands playing the show (except Unreal City and Reflect who took to long or didn't send songs at all). Now I don't know if this will at all help people come out to the show but Fucked Up is playing in Columbus tomorrow and a lot of diffrent kids (the kind that don't come out to a lot of Bernies hardcore shows) will be there. And passing them out at this show might get some new faces out for once. When in doubt I just wasted 5 nights of my life putting all this stuff together. Big Woop. I've wasted a lot more time on a lot more things.

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