Monday, June 9, 2008

Recap Of The Trip

I was taking my Mother to Wisconsin to drop her off because my sister had surgery (and mom was going to take care of her for an undecided amount of time). We left at about 11am and were making record time. After Indianapolis I volunteered to drive the rest of the way. Before the next exit the transmission went. So for the second summer in a row I got to sit in a hot car and wait for a tow truck. We got towed back to Indianapolis and got a hotel room. And then luckily a friend of mine that happened to be in town and we tried to go see Ringworm (who canceled) and then went to a book store before dropping me off. I ordered a pizza (it was ok) and started watching Vision Quest but fell asleep 10 minutes in.
And today was to be me wondering around Chicago, buying records and toys. But instead it was my Mom and I finding out our car had a bum transmission and this would have happened no matter what. I just really wish it would have happened in town and not in the middle of no where. So we rented a car and have drove home. So I will have to get dropped off and picked up for work the rest of the week.

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