Friday, June 6, 2008

I am on the mend

This to me is not a Live Journal. And this not me telling the world that I am alright, or that things are easier or back the same. I feel a lot different, and a lot of people that know me better have said I don't act the same. And it bothers me. I try not to go out. I keep blowing up on people. I am a lot more angry then I have been for along time. I keep having bad dreams. I keep trying to see how long I can sleep. But that ends up just being me rolling around for hours. And this is not me wanting attention. This is me trying to write down how I feel, and I have been trying to do it for about a week. And it always comes out like this, Chaotic and random. I can not change the things I have done. I just have to learn from my mistakes. And embrace what I have done that was good, And never forget those times.

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