Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today In The Mail: A389 Forever

The other day I got a pretty decent sized package from A389 Records. I pretty much order every record this label puts out. I'm sorta playing catch up though on a few of the older ones (I'm going to have start hunting on ebay for the really early releases I missed). This order though brought me the last piece of my Gluttons collection (for now), 3 Gehenna records (including one split), a 7" for a band called The Love Below (outkast reference?) and the first press of the Integrity - To Die For 10" I had missed with a special bonus inside. I thought the order its self was going to be the special part for me but when I opened it up I noticed my 10" had a 7" slid inside. I was so excited because I had been broke when the pre-order went up and when I finally did get money I had missed the last few copies by an hour or so. Luckily some were put up the A389 webstore a few hours before the next set of pre-orders went up.

Gehenna - Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris (Self Released)
Gehenna/California Love (Red) (Out Of 250) (A389 Records)
Gehenna - Hope Guzzo Bootleg (Marble) (Out Of 250) (A389 Records)

Gluttons - S/T (Clear) (Out Of 150) (A389 Records)
The Love Below - Reproductive Rights (Pink) (Out Of 250) (A389 Records)

Integrity - March Of The Damned (A389 Records)
Integrity - To Die For (First Press) (Blue) (Out Of 500) (A389 Records)

Also in the past few days I got a copy of Bridge Nine's repress of Underdogs - S/T 7". Its a GREAT fucking repress only a few minor changes that were either to fix things wrong with the original press or to put the b9 logo on their (but they still left the new beginning logo in the insert!!!)

Underdog - S/T (Red) (Bridge Nine Records)

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