Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Self-indulgence is the rule (selfish motherfucker)

Two for one doller, 16 OZ. IBC Cream Soda from the dollar store. Amazing. Oh and the weather is changing already, well sorta. It was about 70 degrees in the bed room when I got home last night after the show (I'll get to that later). All the dirt patches around the house are filled with ant hills. And the birds are back (singing their hearts out).
Now the show. Yesterday at about 5:30 Keith, I and two other souls drove to Muncie, Indiana. It was a three hour drive. And the show started at eight so lets just say we were a little late. We got their right as Convicted started. I was one of 10 people there that got into this band. It was my second time seeing them and I was pretty excited. They played four songs and in my opinion were awesome. After that I picked up a copy of their 7" (on Organized Crime Records). It's out of 30 with a One Life Crew rip off cover (so I'm siked). After that Blacklisted played. Once again they were awesome. I think I thought they had become a crappy band because of me seeing them one time at Bernies, but that place makes a lot of good bands sound bad (And it had been 3 years since I had seen them before that). And after the show we stopped at Taco Bell, 3 gas stations and a Lions Den that had a it's on group of christians hating on it. We stopped on the way in and the way out and made fun of them. But I think the dude running the lions den was almost as funny.

Tomorrow is my first day working at Sams Club. I will be under the employment of Wal-Mart Inc. And will work nights. This will eventually lead to me having money again. But will also make the amount of shows I will be able to go to will be very slim. I will be a making appearance at Youngblood Fest. Possibly at Modern Life Is War and at Surroundings (both in Louisville).

Now A look to the future of this blog and what it holds. Many of the old standards and some new faves. Old - Some dailys, some semi show reviews and random pictures that I take or find. New - Reviews of records, tapes and even merch. And most likely even more stuff I haven't even thought of yet.


Peter said...

ibc tall cans AMAZING

you have the true gift of blogging, you will go far.

tell other people to comment i feel like a creep being the only one.

Matt said...

How are you getting to Youngblood??

Head2Wall said...