Sunday, March 30, 2008

My new kingdom

Louisville, Kentucky aka The 'Ville is my new home. This post has been some weeks in the making and I'm still having trouble thinking of things to say. I have yet to go to a show since I have moved down here, but the few I went to before I relocated had a very different feel then the Columbus shows I was used too. Kids are a lot younger, prolly 16-19. So not very tattooed and old like Ohio shows. And also from what I understand this is a city of sell outs. But I guess almost anywhere is like that.

I am continuing collections. Not as much records (at least non ebay scores) mostly because the record stores here are overpriced and only get boring records. But I keep having amazing tape finds, from Gang Starr to Rancid and from Anthrax to TSOL. I have over 200 tapes in that collection right now. My toy collection is growing very quickly. Ultra Pop, A pretty neat store here is helping that collection grow by the week. I have some of the little "Dunny" figures And a Blank "Munny" that will soon become a skinhead If I can get the courage up to mark on it. But my main focus in that collection is are these Donuts by artist Heidi Kenney distributed by Kidrobot. And on the game front I am only looking for Conkers Bad Fur Day for Nintendo 64.

Now the reason I moved down here my girlfriend. Well we have had our ups and downs but for the past two weeks things have been amazing. I went in one day and hung out with her at work (a preschool/day-care) and it was a lot of fun. And just being able to lay in bed with her or go out and get some chips and salsa is what I have been missing. And the only thing that is not perfect about this whole thing is I don't have a job again. Yep thats right once again I'm a jobless loser. A have applied at atleast 10 different places with only one panning out so far as even an interview (Wednesday at Bestbuy) . But I guess Target is "going to" call me back tomorrow. And I'm calling back Samsclub, Express, Cheesecake Factory and Qdoba sometime tomorrow. I just need a job right now.

Also I will be updating this more often. A big sorry goes out to Peter for slacking so much.

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